Is your Dog Losing Hair Around Eyes? Read this…

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Dog losing hair around eyes is one of the most annoying problems that any dog owner can face.

This problem can happen as a result of several diseases and some conditions.

Sometimes dog losing hair around eyes is because of some diseases but at the same time, it probably happens naturally and does not necessarily mean a serious condition.

All the pets’ owners considered that problem as the most dangerous problems ever that can happen to their dogs, and it is known as “alopecia”, as it is referred to medically.

You will need to put an underlying cause of the hair loss to devise an appropriate treatment plan, so we will tell you in our article about the most common causes of hair loss in dogs, and the best way to deal with that problem in a perfect way.

How Can You Notice That Your Dog Losing Hair Around Eyes?

Some dogs are suffering from hair loss all around their body but the rarest condition that can happen to your dogs is when you notice that they only lose their hair in a specific area on their body, such as the area around their eyes.

You can notice that the problem when you see that your dog has mites include thickened skin, oily skin, inflammation, and itching, and you will also see that there are so many symptoms of ringworm, such as circular or irregular hair loss, and infected crusts.

You do not have to worry about your dog losing hair around eyes at all because you can easily solve it when you know the main cause of it, and then you can quickly treat it and your dog’s hair around eyes will grow back.

Most Popular Causes of Dog Losing Hair Around Eyes:

Dog losing hair around eyes

There are so many causes of hair loss in dogs, so we will tell you the most popular reasons for that annoying problem in the following lines in order to make you aware of everything related to that problem.

  • Your dog may have a problem with its eyes and that what makes the hair on this area becomes so weak and fall down regularly
  • You will notice that your dog will always try to rub their eyes on the furniture and carpet in order to reduce the pain it feels on eyes, that behavior will immediately make your dog losing hair around eyes
  • If your dog is suffering from glaucoma or eye disorders, so its hair will fall down around its eyes immediately
  • when you notice that your dog has redness or discharge on its eyes, then your dog may suffer from a skin issue, and you need to see a vet when you notice that symptoms
  • There are so many kinds of skin problems, which can probably be one of the most common causes of hair loss in dogs, like your dog may have a parasite, such as Demodex Canis
  • Your dog may have a skin allergy or bacterial folliculitis
  • Some breeder will notice that their dog losing hair around eyes allergy, and that probably happens because of something in the environment, such as food and fleas, which can be the cause of allergies, and they will notice that their dog suffers from itchy all the time

The Most Important Time to See a Vet about a Dog Losing Hair Around Eyes in Patches:

You must see a vet when you notice that your dog losing hair in patches, and you need to make sure of all the following symptoms before going to a vet:

  • If you see that your dog has itching
  • If you see that your dog’s skin is irritated or infected
  • If your dog has a weird or bad Odor
  • If you notice that its behavior changes or it does not play with you like before

The vet will recommend some products that are safe to use around the dogs’ eyes without leaving any side effects.

The effective solutions for a dog losing hair around eyes problem:

Some pets’ owners think that the best way to treat this problem is by using any products from home, which are using to treat allergy but that is so wrong because those are irritating and vexing products, which can cause damage.

Therefore, we will tell you some of the effective solutions to treat that problem in a perfect way.

  • You can try using some natural cures for your dog to treat that problem, such as putting some raw honey around its eyes
  • It is better to make your dog follow a hypoallergenic diet. which is the best kind of raw diets ever that rich in natural proteins
  • Some veterinarians say that it is so important to provide some relief by bathing your dog in oatmeal shampoo, and it is good to rinse your dog with apple cider vinegar after bathing

How Can You Take Care of Your Dog’s Eyes?

Dog losing hair around eyes
  • You must clean its eyes regularly by using a wet cotton ball or soft cloth with clean water, then you can wipe away any crustiness around the eye, and you need to gently wipe them without scratch your dog’s eyeball
  • You should check your dog’s eyes daily to see if there is anything wrong or weird about them because that part of any dog is so sensitive and can cause a lot of problems for you and for your dog too
  • It is so important to clean and wash your dog’s eyes at least once a month because that will prevent several diseases
  • It is so important to do not let your dog hang its head out of the window in the car or at your home because that can cause irritation on its eyes
  • Do not use scissors around your dog’s eyes and it is better to ask a vet before doing that especially if your dog’s hair that is around eyes are not tall

Note: the most popular breeds that are known to various problems with the eyes are Sheepdogs, Pugs, Bulldogs, Shih Tzus, Maltese, and Poodles.

That’s all that we got, for now, about dogs losing hair around eyes, for more articles about how to take care of your pooch, you can check Cleaning Out Dogs Ears: Home Remedies or Conventional Prescriptions? For grooming tips, check Dog Grooming Tips: All You Need To Know

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