15 Big Dogs with Long Hair that Will Take Your Breath Away

Big Dogs with long hair Lhasa Apso
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Big dogs with long hair are the most beautiful dogs ever, and you will notice that all of them are cute. Some of them are famous for their long and silky coats; others have curly and wiry coats. There are so many big long-haired dog breeds, and they are so popular that you can see most of them at dog shows and on the street.

You will notice that every breed of a dog comes with their specific benefits and traits. They also come with certain complications, which is why you should do extensive research before buying any one of them.

That is why we have decided to create this list of big dogs who have long hair to make it easier on you.

The list of top 15 big dogs with long hair:

In this list, we’re going to share with you the top fifteen big dogs with long hair, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and get ready to meet your soon to be four-legged best friend.

Big dogs with long hair number one: Lhasa Apso

Big Dogs with long hair Lhasa Apso
  • It is considered as one of the most beautiful and popular large long-haired dogs in the whole world. Did you notice how this dog breeds slightly resemble the Shih Tzu?
  • These dogs are one of the small breeds in the large breeds category because they grow to be between 9-11 inches, and their weight is between 12- 15 pounds.
  • They are famous for their long fur, which makes them one of the best large long-haired dog breeds. Did you notice how their fur is so long to the point where it drags it on the ground?
  • The Lhasa Apso breed comes in so many various colors, which are mostly solid shades of grey, white, and black.
  • This breed will suit you best if live in a small house. Also, the Lhasa Apso prefers the indoor environment and doesn’t like going out much.

Big dogs with long hair number two: Afghan Hound

Big Dogs with Long hair Afghan Hound
  • That is one of the most exceptionally, elegant big long-haired dog breeds to ever walk this earth. They are famous for their extremely long and soft fur, which is going to need daily especial care to maintain their beautiful coat.
  • If you want to buy adopt an Afghan Hound, you should know that it is a very intelligent, independent, proud, and protective dog. They would be a great choice if you want to adopt a tall long-haired dog.
  • You must know that these long-haired dog breeds need a responsible owner who has a great patience when it comes to training and grooming them.

Big dogs with long hair number three: Yorkshire Terrier

Big Dogs with Long hair
  • Have you ever heard of the Yorkshire Terrier before? They happen to be one of the most popular big dogs with long hair. They’re most famous for their straight, and long fur, which is what gives makes them have such a chic look.
  • You can try countless hairstyles on them, and all of the different hairstyles you do on them will turn out be beautiful because of their long hair. You’ll truly make them shine with beauty and prestigue!
  • If you decide to adopt a Yorkshire Terrier, you will live with a dog who has a very affectionate personality. They will never give you a hard time while you’re brushing, combing and bathing them.

Big dogs with long hair number four: Bernese Mountain

Bernese Mountain Big dogs with long hair
  • The Bernese Mountain is considered to be one of the biggest dogs that have long hair. Their weight can reach to be between 70-115 pounds, and their height can reach two feet. So if you’re looking for a big buddy to cuddle with, a Bernese Mountain would be the best choice for you.
  • You will see that this dog has a tri-colored fur coat, with white and black on the chest, and some scattered brown fur on the rest of their body. You will notice that their coat is thick, which is what makes them feel warm in cold temperatures.
  • If you will adopt a Bernese Mountain, be prepared to take them on long, daily walks. You’ll also have to spend a long time playing with them because the Bernese Mountain dogs have unlimited energy.

Big dogs with long hair number five: Newfoundland dog

New foundland Big dogs with long hair
  • The Newfoundland dog is one of the best big dogs with long hair. Their weight ranges between 100- 150 pounds and their height ranges between 25-29 inches. This makes it a bit difficult for some people to carry and handle them.
  • This dog is known for being water-resistant thanks to their very heavy thick coats. Sometimes, the Newfoundland dog is used as a rescue dog.
  • This breed needs your attention all of the time. They’re great for families because the Newfoundland dogs are known for their sweet temperament and they’re great around children.

Big dogs with long hair number six: Komondor

Credit: AKC.org
  • You must have a large home or a large space if you want to adopt a Komondor dog. They can weigh anywhere between 80-100 pounds and their height is between 25-27 inches.
  • Their coat needs so much attention and care. Separating the cords of their hair with your hand to prevent it from getting tanglled is going to be a part of their grooming regime.
  • You will also need to dry them very well with a towel as much as you possible because if you don’t, it is going to take them at least three days for their coats to fully dry.
  • The Komondor needs to live with an active family because they love to walk for long distances and like to spend a lot of time outdoors.
  • The Komondor dogs are known for their long and white corded coat, which helps protect them from getting injured by predators.

Big dogs with long hair number seven: Great Pyrenees

Big dogs with long hair Great Pyrenees
  • This breed is named after the famous mountain in southwestern Europe named the Pyrenees mountain.
  • Their height ranges between 25-32 inches and their weight ranged between 85-130 pounds.
  • They’re considered to the best dogs to guard livestock because they’re very faithful and loyal.
  • Despite their affectionate nature, the Great Pyrenees dogs could get a bit aggressive while interacting with other pets and tend to be a bit reserved with strangers.
  • They require a moderate amount of exercise and extensive hair sessions because of their double coat.

Big dogs with long hair number eight: Great Pyrenees

Big dogs with long hair Gordon Setter
  • The Great Pyrenees are great family companions and they have good temperaments.
  • Their height ranges between 23-27 inches. Their weight ranges between 45-80 pounds.
  • They’re the only breed who have a tan and a black coat.
  • Their slightly wavy coat must get groomed regularly.
  • Because of their strength and stamina, the Great Pyrenees are considered to be dependable hunters.
  • They must exercise vigorously every day.

Big dogs with long hair number nine: Rough coated Collie

  • This breed became famous during the 1950s because of a popular T.V. show titled Lassie.
  • Their height ranges between 22-26 inches and their weight ranges between 50-75 pounds.
  • Collies are very affectionate with children, which makes them perfect for families.
  • With their grace and strength, it should come as a surprise that Collies were England’s and Scotland’s favorite dog shepherd for many centuries.
  • A rough-coated Collie has beautiful, long hair.
  • They need to be exercised moderately.

Big dogs with long hair number ten: Golden Retriever

Big dogs with long hair Golden Retriever
  • Golden Retrievers are very intelligent, have a sweet temperament, and are always eager to please their human friends.
  • Their heights range between 21.5-24 inches and their weights range between 55-75 pounds.
  • They enjoy outdoor activities such as fetching and swimming.
  • They’re hard-working, which makes them a great companion for hunters, a guide to the blind, a great therapy dog.

Big dogs with long hair number eleven: Irish Setter

Big dogs with long hair  Irish Setter
  • The Irish Setters are known for their clown-like personality and easy-going personality.
  • They have a shiny, dark red, long hair.
  • They are a very friendly dog breed, which makes them a great candidate for families with little kids.
  • Their height is at least 25 inches and the weight at least sixty pounds.
  • They’re very agile and obedient.
  • The Irish Setter requires regular grooming and exercise.

Big dogs with long hair number twelve: Giant Schnauzer

Big dogs with long hair  Giant Schnauzer
  • They’re a powerful and a healthy breed of dogs that were initially bred to drive livestock.
  • They’re renowned for their bearded muzzle, which is a very distinguishing feature.
  • Their height ranges between 23.5- 27.5 inches and their weight ranges between 75- 95 pounds.
  • They’re highly energetic, which means they require daily, vigorous exercises.
  • They don’t shed much, so their coarse coat only needs to get brushed weekly.
  • Their hair must get clipped and stripped four to five times a year.
  • The Giant Schnauzer is a great guarding dog because their number one priority is protecting their family.

Big dogs with long hair number thirteen: Briard

Big dogs with long hair Briard
  • Mostly known for their loyalty, great memory, and bravery, the Briard breed is great at guarding and protecting sheep.
  • Their height ranges between 14-18 inches and their weight ranges between 25- 35 pounds.
  • They stand out among the other big dog breeds with long hair thanks to their shaggy beard, bushy eyebrows, and magnificent wavy coat. 
  • This luxurious looks, of course, require extensive care. This means that they must get brushed daily to prevent their hair from matting.

Big dogs with long hair number fourteen: Black Russian Terrier

Big dogs with long hair Black Russian Terrier
  • The Black Russian Terrier is a powerful guarding dog. Due to their supreme intelligence, they were used in the Russian military.
  • Their height ranges between 26- 30 inches and their weight ranges between 75- 130 pounds.
  • They double coat does a great job at protecting them from harsh climates. Their coat, of course, requires extensive grooming.
  • The Black Russian Terrier has a sharp sense of smell, which aids them in tracking missions.

Big dogs with long hair number fourteen: Bergamasco

Big dogs with long hair  Bergamasco
  • The Bergamasco breed is an ancient, alpine breed that was created to herd livestock.
  • They’re very caring and gentle, which makes them a great companion for families. Because they thrive on people’s attention, they don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time.
  • Their height ranges between 23-23.5inches and their weight ranges between 57 and 84 pounds.
  • Their mostly hypoallergenic doesn’t require much attention; occasional bathing is all you need to do.
  • Their nails, on the other hand, should be clipped regularly.
  • They’re characterized by long, luscious eyelashes that prevent their hair from getting into their eyes. It also protects them from snowblindness.

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That’s it for today’s post. Which dog breed do you like the most from this list? Let us know in the comments down below. If you own any of these breeds, we would love to hear how amazing they’re, so feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments as well.

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