Beds, Crates, and Houses for Your Dog’s Comfort

Beds, crates, and houses for dogs

Getting your dog a comfy and cozy bed and a house is important because these things allow them to rest and rejuvenate properly. Puppies spend more than seventy percent (70 percent) of their days sleeping, and dogs need to have a goodnight’s sleep to stay healthy, just like us.

Having a safe crate is an essential item as well because it allows you to take your dog traveling with you and makes it easier for them when you are taking them to the Vet.

Here are a few good options of beds, crates, houses, and other related items that every pet owner should check out for their beloved four-legged best friends!

Comfy and cozy beds for your furry friend

Beds for dogs

Getting your dog a bed that is big enough to fit them and that is super comfy is something that they will really appreciate.

Pet Warming Bed is soft and comfy, which is going to encourage your dog to sleep in their bed instead of your couch. It is suitable for dogs of different sizes because its sizes range from a small up to a triple X-Large.

Pet Warming Bed

It is made of a hard-wearing material that is washable, breathable, and very comfortable.

If you are looking for something that is going to keep your furry friend a little bit more warmth during the sweater weathers, then you need something that has a different design than what the regular dog bed looks like.

A bed that is great for your pooch during the Fall and Winter seasons is the COZYBED™: 2 in 1 Cozy Bed & Sofa. It is shaped like a tent, which means it is mostly closed, and thus, it is warmer than the typical beds.

COZYBED™: 2 in 1 Cozy Bed & Sofa

During the warmer seasons, you can bend the bed and turn it into a beautiful, comfy sofa that your dog could rest on and avoid sleeping inside of the more heated tent.

COZYBED™: 2 in 1 Cozy Bed & Sofa

If your furry friend is petite and you want to get them a bed that is not too big for them, and that is suitable for all of the seasons, then I highly recommend you check out our Coffee Cup Dog Bed.

 Coffee Cup Dog Bed

Because of its design, it is going to provide your dog with a warmer bed during the colder weather, thanks to the top piece that can be zipped to the bed. During the Summer, all you have to do is unzip the top section, and just like that, your dog is going to have the perfect comfy bed for the Summer!

Crates and essential crate accessories for your beloved dog

Crates and essential crate accessories


People have different opinions regarding crates, but there is no denying how important they are if you want to take your beloved dog with your while traveling and while taking them to the Vet.

There are three major types of crates that you can get to be able to transport your dog with you, keep them safe, and allow them to have their own safe space. These are:

  1. Plastic Crates
  2. Metal/ Wired Crates
  3. Fabric/ Soft Crates

Plastic Crates

Plastic crates are often referred to as travel crates because they are the only type of crates that are allowed to board on airplanes. They are also car-friendly, so you can drive with ease, knowing that your dog is safe in the car.

If you want to take your dogs with you while traveling on airplanes and be able to quickly assemble, disassemble, and clean your pooch’s crate, then I highly recommend you check out the SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling Plastic Wire Door Travel Dog Crate.

Metal/ Wired Crates

Metal or wired crates are very popular, usually coming at number two after plastic crates. Now, you can use them to fly on airplanes with your dog, but you can still see them while traveling by car.

If you are interested in a crate that is going to allow your dog to see and enjoy more of their surrounds, have more room for air circulation, and be safe while they are inside of it, then you should definitely check out the Single Door Folding Metal Dog Crate.

Fabric or Soft Crates

If your dog is crate trained and you want to get a crate that is perfect for camping trips, then I recommend that you invest in the Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate for Pets

This crate is made of heavy-duty fabric, is durable, and is designed to provide your beloved dog with a safe, well-ventilated space.


Furnishing your dog’s crate with a mat will make their crates be more comfortable. Adding a mat to your dog’s crate is important during the Winter to keep them warm and cozy.

A beautiful mat that has a unique design that is going to give your dog’s crate a bit of pop, easy to clean, and makes your dog feel comfortable, cozy, and happy, then don’t miss out on ordering our Paw Print Pet Mat.

Paw Print Pet Mat

Fans for your dog’s crate

Did you know that many dogs die every Summer because of heat strokes? We may not have control over the weather, but we can be prepared and take the extra steps to keep our dogs safe during the warmer weather.

One important thing that you should do if you are taking your dog outside of the house in their crate during warmer weather is adding the EXCOUP USB Pet Fan to their crate.

That does not mean that you can leave your dog in the car all alone without A.C or open windows, but they are super important because it is helping your buddy cool up a bit.

Mini House for your pooch

Dog House

If you want to spoil your dog a bit, or you are interested in giving them a house in your patio or backyard, then a lovely home that you should check out is Suncast Outdoor Water Resistant Dog House.

It is easy to assemble, so you do not have to spend much time putting it together. It has vents to improve the air circulation and is going to last you a while because of the materials used to make it.

All of these items keep your dogs safer, more comfortable, and thus happier.

Things like beds and crates might seem like trivial things that do not play much into providing your dog with a healthier life, but they actually do have a significant impact on their physical health. Luckily, you now know what essential items you should get for your dog.