The Best Dog Grooming Tools: What to Use for Your Dog’s Safety And Hygiene

Grooming a dog regularly is essential, but it can also get a bit expensive if you solely rely on taking your dog to a professional. So, why not lower your monthly expenses by grooming your dog yourself?

Here are the essential grooming tools that every dog owner should have. A lot of these are tools that we have already tested and regularly use on our beloved furry friends, including Joey!

Hair Care

Dog Hair Care Tools

There are three things associated with dog hair care other than showering; they are:

  1. Combing and brushing your dog’s hair
  2. Trimming your dog’s hair
  3. Reducing the amount of shedded hair and removing it from your carpets, floors, and furniture.

Combing and brushing your dog’s hair:

Combs and Brushes for Dogs

Why do you need both the comb and the brush? Because they both perform different essential tasks that are important for your dog’s hair health.

Combs are typically reserved for de-matting and removing the shedded hair. You see, these de-matting and shedding combs work by breaking you the matted fur and removing the already loose hair.

Every dog owner should have a de-matting and shedding hair to keep their dog’s hair healthy and reduce the amount of hair they shed. If you do not have one or you are looking for a new comb, then check out the De-matting and Shedding Comb that is perfect for dogs with straight hair.

De-matting and shedding comb

If you are the parent to a dog who rocks their double-layered fur and you want to keep their hair tangle-free ( which means your dog won’t be in pain due to all of the matted hair) and healthy, then a Wide-Toothed Comb is the way to go.

Combs should not be used on a daily basis because they might end up irritating your pooch’s skin; that is why you should have a comb and a brush.

Brushing helps distribute your dog’s natural oils through their entire hair and improve their skin’s circulation. Typically, you should brush your dog’s hair more frequently than how many times you comb it.

Speaking of brushes, there are a lot of different types available in the market, so which one is the best for your four-legged best friend? Well, it all depends on their coat type.

The best way to keep the hair of the dog who has a short coat healthy is to use a Bristle Brush. The bristles of this brush are soft, so it is going to be gentle on your dog’s skin.

P.S.: Brushing your dog’s short coat three times per week is more than enough!

If your dog belongs to a medium coat breed, then a Pin Brush is the way to go if you want to keep their hair beautiful and healthy

Is your dog blessed with a long beautiful coat? Are you wondering how you can keep it shiny and extra pretty? What about your other dog who has gorgeous, curly hair? Make your dog’s curly or long hair healthy and look stunning by using a Slicker Brush.

Trimming your dog’s hair

Hair Clippers and Trimmers for Dogs

You can either clip your dog’s fur with a hair clipper or cut it using specific scissors.

Things to look for in a good dog hair clipper:

  • A good dog hair clipper should be making a loud noise when it is turned on and being used to prevent your dog from getting scared and darting while you are clipping their hair.
  • The design is an important factor as well. It should be comfortable to hold and use without it continually slipping away. It should not be too heavy, so you do not hurt your wrist while using it.
  • It should not overheat, else your furry friend might get hurt.
  • A good doh hair clipper should allow you to use it on multiple speeds and should come with a few different detachable pieces that will you achieve the cut you want and that suit your dog’s coat best.
  • Cordless hair clippers are great because they are easier to maneuver and use. 

One hair clipper kit that has all of the useful features that a great dog hair clipper should have is The HOMEGROOMER™: Professional Pet Grooming Kit!

The HOMEGROOMER™: Professional Pet Grooming Kit!

This kit includes everything you could ever need to trim your dog’s hair. Whatever your dog’s coat is, you will find a suitable piece to use to give to cut your dog’s hair the best haircut they deserve.

If the idea of using hair clippers scare you a bit and you are not ready for it yet, then you can try this Set of the Perfect Thinning shears, Straight Scissors, Curved Scissors and a Comb for Long and Short Hair.

You will be able to cut and trim your dog’s hair precisely without pulling any hair with these scissors.

If you are going to trim the hair around your pooch’s face, ears, and paws, then using the curved scissors is the way to go.

If you want to trim your pooch’s long hair and give them a clean-cut, then pick up the straight scissors.

Are you interested in making your furry friend’s hair a little bit thinner? Then pick up the last remains shear to make their hair thinner during the warmer weather.

Some areas are harder than others to take care of than others, like the hair between your dog’s paws and at their ear area.

Trimming sensitive areas like the face of your four-legged best friend could be a bit intimidating, but all you need is a gentle hair trimmer to be able to get these tasks done safely and efficiently.

POWERTRIM™ is the perfect grooming tool to use for a gentle and precise grooming session that will improve your dog’s quality of life. Why? Because having long hair in such areas worsens their hygiene and could cause potential physical harm to your beloved pooch.

POWERTRIM: A face and paw hair trimmer for pets

Reducing the amount of shedded hair and removing it from your carpets, floors, and furniture

Dog Hair Vacuums

When the shedded hair of a dog is not removed regularly, it could lead to hair matting, fly everywhere and get stuck to your carpets, floors, clothes, and furniture, and may cause allergies to some members of your family.

Along with regular hair combing and brushing, hair trimming, and showering, using a pet hair vacuum is a great way to get rid of the loose hair on your dog’s body.

These vacuumed suck the shedded hair without being abrasive on the skin, and they do not require to have a vigorous cleaning routine after using them.

One good dog hair vacuum is the Pet Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. It is easy to use, has a quiet motor that won’t scare your beloved pooch, easy to clean, and is great for both short and long-haired dogs.

 Pet Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

If you are interested in a detachable headpiece that you can attach to your vacuum instead of having a motorized pet hair vacuum, then I believe that you are going to like our Cat-Dog Vacuum Cleaner Attachment.

Cat-Dog Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

Now that your dog has no shedded hair on their body, it is time to clean the house of all of the air that they have shedded. Regular vacuums are not enough, which is why I have spent multiple days researching and reading about all of the best vacuums that dog and pet owners should own!

Vacuum features to look for when purchasing an efficient vacuum for a household that has pets:

  • The Zero M Feature is going to make your life so much easier because it does not allow the collected hair to wrap around the cleaning bristles of the vacuum. Forget about the tedious task of cleaning your vacuum’s bristles after you finish vacuuming your house.
  • Having a vacuum that had a sealed system with HEPA filters, which stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air, is essential for people who have allergies, asthma, or even any sorts of respiratory issues because it reduces the amount of allergens and dander that is in the air.
  • A vacuum’s weight and maneuverability are important because you want a vacuum that is easy to move around, and that is capable of reaching hard to read places like the stairways or under the beds and sofas. Having a vacuum that has its large compartment detachable will make your vacuuming happens faster and more efficient.

I want to share with you two of the best pet vacuums a pet owner could ever have.

A vacuum that doesn’t require you to clean its bristles after you finish vacuuming, has a power lift mode which makes it easy for you to clean hard to reach places, allows you to switch suction levels to clean your couch, and has a sealed system with HEPA filters, then you should check out the Shark APEX Upright Vacuum!

It is excellent for cleaning the hard floor and deep cleaning carpets; it truly is the best!

A great cordless vacuum that has a sealed system with HEPA filters, is excellent at cleaning the hard floor, deep cleaning thick carpets, and is lightweight, then not try out the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Cordless Vacuum.

Nail Care

Dog Nail Care Tools

Neglecting your dog’s nail could have serious consequences as them breaking a bone, getting a nail ripped off, getting a bacterial infection, and developing joint pain and Arthritis.

Two main tools are often used to groom dogs’ nails are nails clippers and nail grinders.

If your dog has white nails, that you should use the Pet Nail Clipper to safely and efficiently shorten their nails so they do not end up ripping their nails off or often slipping due to their long nails, which could make them break their bones.

Pet Nail Clipper

If your dog has black nails, then you are better off using the PAWGRND™: The Safe Pet Nail Grinder because you will avoid accidentally clipping off your dog’s quick, which is the pink area of the nail that supplies the nail with blood that is only visible in white nails.

PAWGRND™: The Safe Pet Nail Grinder

By using the grinder, you will avoid clipping the quick and getting your infected and being in pain.

Oral Hygiene

Dog Oral Hygiene

Cleaning your dog’s teeth should not be so complicated. All you need is a good toothbrush and a toothpaste that is made specifically for dogs.

The Tartar buildup is the reason why your dog’s breath stinks and why they are experiencing bone and teeth loss. But did you know that you can chase all of your pooch’s nightmares away by brushing their teeth? Unlike us, the tartar on a dog’s teeth is mostly removed due to the friction of the toothbrush and not the toothpaste. 

That is why it so important to find a toothbrush that allows you to brush your dog’s teeth easily daily!

But how can you do that? Well, you have two options:

Try out the finger toothbrush!

Finger toothbrush makes the task of brushing your dog’s teeth everyday doable and manageable. Because of it is small size and the fact that you have to wear it on your finger, your dog is going to be less wary of resisting getting their teeth brushed.

A finger toothbrush allows you to get rid of your pooch’s bad mouth odor, reduce tartar buildup, and thus reduce the amount of pain that they will eventually go through, as well as the associated teeth loss.

Fight your pooch’s periodontal disease with a daily routine of using a finger toothbrush and a little bit of canine toothpaste.

I highly recommend that you check out the Dog Finger Toothbrush for your beloved pooch. They have a good grip, which is essential when you are brushing your dog’s teeth, and they are effective at getting rid of the tartar that will, later on, cause your pooch a lot of pain and health issues.

Finger Toothbrush for dogs

Try out the three-sided toothbrush!

If your dog is trained to getting their teeth brushed, then it is time for you to consider getting their toothbrush replaced with a better one that can clean out three sides of their teeth with only one stroke. How?

Our three-sided toothbrush allows you to brush your pooch’s teeth efficiently and in less time because it has three different bristled sides that will get rid of the tartar that is in your dog’s teeth and the outer parts of the gums.

Clean your dog’s teeth properly with our Three Sided Pet Toothbrush, and improve your dog’s quality of life!

Three sided dog toothbrush

Use the correct type of toothpaste

Our toothpaste is actually toxic for dogs, which is why you should use a canine toothpaste while brushing your dog’s teeth.

An excellent toothpaste for dogs that many dog parents use and love is the Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs. It is great because it aids in reducing tartar and plaque buildup, which helps in preventing bad mouth odor, bacterial infections, and pain. 

Now that you have the tools that are going to help you groom your dog easily and efficiently, you will be saving a lot of money and improving you and your pooch’s quality of life.