Top 12 Dogs with Hair ( #5 Is Dazzling)

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If you saw the title, clicked on it, and you are reading this, that means you have been bamboozled by the title or just curious. Don’t all dogs have hair? Isn’t hair and fur the same thing? How can there be dogs with hair and dogs without hair? These, I guess, are the questions crossing your mind right now.

Before we dive any further to the list, we should answer the age-old question,

Do Dogs Have Hair or Fur?

A dog’s coat is one of it’s most identifiable physical characteristics. Whether it’s scruffy or silky, long or short, almost every dog is covered in hair and so are most owner’s homes.

Most people use the word hair and fur interchangeably when they refer to their dog. The two words are usually used like they are one and the same. Even some groomers debate over what is the correct term for the “soft stuff” that makes up a dog’s coat.

Most groomers say fur, stating that hair is on humans and fur is on dogs. However, dog hair and dog fur refer to very different and distinguished materials that can be found on the bodies of dogs

Hair VS Fur

Technically both hair and fur are the same thing. Both are chemically identical, They are made up of keratin which is also present in skin and nails. But there are huge differences between them in terms of texture

Hair is finer, longer and smoother than fur. It can be wavy, curly and or straight.

Fur is way shorter than hair but it is denser. It sheds significantly more than hair and its growth cycle is much faster

Dog breeds with Hair have only one single layer of coats.

Dog breeds with Fur feature two layers an undercoat and a topcoat.

Therefore you can’t really say that dogs have hair instead of fur or the opposite. Some dogs have hair and others have fur. Depending on the quality of its coat you can determine whether your puppy is a hairy pupper or a fur ball.

Now after we established the main differences between dog hair and dog fur, Here is the list that you came for,

Top 12 Dogs with Hair

According to the American Kennel Club, There are thirty-six breeds that have hair instead of fur. I handpicked the top cutest and most beautiful of them, here they are

#1 Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog. is one of the dogs with hair

It’s all in the name – these dogs were literally born for Water. Originally bred in Portugal and trained to herd fish, retrieve lost gear and fishing nets, and even swim from boat-to-boat to deliver messages. These are loyal ​companions with a mission, and they still have that sharp focus today.

#2 Standard Poodle

Elegant, athletic, hardy, and clever. These are a few of the Standard Poodle’s best qualities. And, you’ve probably already heard, they are incredibly smart. Training a Poodle is an absolute joy, they are receptive and keen to please their owners, which is why they excel at agility and obedience courses.

# 3 Giant Schnauzer

credit: vet streets

As you may have guessed, this is similar to a Miniature or Standard Schnauzer, but just 60 to 80 pounds heavier. And with all that energy and playfulness, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

credit: vet streets

#4 Irish Water Spaniel

The Irish Water Spaniel was bred to specialize in (you guessed it) water. More specifically, hunting and retrieving birds over bodies of water. While swimming is its specialty, so is pleasing its owners – which makes them wonderful companions.

credit: Dog Breeds Lists

#5 Kerry Blue Terrier

The Kerry Blue Terrier is the ultimate working dog. He hails from County Kerry, Ireland, where he was bred to hunt small game and birds, kill rodents, and herd sheep and cattle. Intelligent and brave, he became a cherished pet as well, displaying fierce devotion to his family or pack. Not a particularly well-known dog breed but the Kerry Blue enjoys a dedicated following of admirers, thanks to his working abilities and loyal companionship.

credit: k9 research lab

#6 Polish Lowland Sheepdog

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog was meant originally for herding and guarding but still an excellent working dog breed. He is obedient and fearless, good with people and other dogs, but highly protective of his flock. Strong, handsome, active, and smart with his characteristic multicolored shaggy coat. he can be the best companion dog

credit: dog time

#7 Miniature Poodle

The same as i said before, except on a miniature level.

credit:green field puppies

#8 Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier is one of the best active and cheerful companions of dog breeds. More relaxed and with less need for exercise than other terriers, he’s still a curious, affectionate terrier who takes his status as watchdog rather seriously.

credit: vet streets

#9 Wirehaired Fox Terrier

The Wire Fox Terrier breed is constantly on edge. In the old times they were a mainstay of traditional British foxhunts, now they are handsome and amusing companions and excellent show dogs.

credit: American Kennel Club

#10 Yorkshire Terrier

​”Yorkies” are the celebrities of dog breeds. They have a lot of personality to show off, and it certainly comes with some sass. These dogs were originally bred to hunt rodents, and these traits are still very apparent as their prey drive is off the charts.

#11 Shih-Tzu

Always the center of attention, and they’ll do everything they can think of to make you smile. The Shih-Tzu is playful, lovable, and wants nothing more than to be part of the family. Friendliness is in their genetics, that’s because Shih-Tzu’s were bred for companionship. So you won’t find any hunting or herding traits here.

#12 Maltese

you can easily describe the Maltese as energetic and elegant. A princess (or prince) that prefers the finer things in life and that often includes running, playing, and spending time with loved ones.

That is my list I hope you have enjoyed it.

For more and extra information on dog breeds, their personalities, traits, and characteristics.

What did you think about my list? whatever you think, comment below, let me know. And as always if you like what you read here and you wanna read more, feel free to check out my other articles on how to get dog’s hair to grow back and how to get mats out of dog hair

Have a nice day and Read you next time.


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