How to Cut Matted Dog Hair without Injuring Your Dog

how to cut matted dog hair

How to cut matted dog hair, matted dog hair is the worst thing ever! It’s ugly, dirty, sometimes painful, and once it starts, it can snowball and become a health problem.

How to cut matted dog hair

1. Never bathe your dog if he has matted mats or hair. The water acts like a sponge and only makes them tighten.

Use cornstarch to help loosen the carpets. Rub a little in the carpet to help loosen and then brush.

Do not assume that the conditioner will remove or loosen the carpets. They must be brushed and combed carefully before bathing.

NEVER try to cut the carpets. They may be tighter than you think or have skin stuck in them, and you can easily cut your pet.

2.Brush. Regular visits to a professional groomer is a must! Every six to eight weeks are recommended

The carpets start at the base and not at the top of the hair. While your dog may seem to be free of the mat, put your fingers in the neck to feel tangles and rumblings. Catching a potential carpet before it happens makes removal much easier.

Research the specific needs of your breed for proper grooming. Depending on your breed, coat or hair will require different practices to keep it healthy and vibrant.

How to get mats out of dog hair

how to cut matted dog hair
  1. Always use a good conditioner. Denaturation can cause significant breakage, even if it is done correctly.
  2. Always use colder hot water as a quick rinse as the last thing you do in the tub. This will help seal the hair. The warmer water leaves them open, making the hair prone to breakage and damage.
  3. Always use a revitalizing finishing spray

What you need to know about matted dog hair

how to cut matted dog hair

Here are some grooming tips for treating matted dog hair:

  1. First, train your dog to enjoy the grooming so that he stays still long enough to get out the rugs! Start brushing your puppy when he is young, even if he does not need it. Give praise and treats of great value so that he can associate grooming with happy things.
  2. Be very careful of places that are easy to get: behind the ears and legs, under the armpits, on the landing gear and rub on the back.
  3. Prevent carpet formation. A detangling cream or spray helps prevent fur from clumping and can be used before your puppy jumps into a river or lake to facilitate post-swim brushing. Only use products specially designed for dogs
  4. If your puppy’s coat is badly stained or has not been treated for a long time, go to the vet. A coat without care can cause skin irritation or infection that needs to be treated by a health professional
  5. To learn the best way to brush your puppy and the type of brush to use, talk to your groomer. Your groomer will be happy to share because the better you groom daily, the easier it is to work.
  6. Do not ignore the paws. Hair that grows between the pads may be tangled. Keep this hair short. If you need a touch up between professional grooming, then buy dog ​​clippers. They are easier than scissors on your dog’s sensitive paw pads.
  7. Lawn mowers are also helpful in keeping a puppy’s rear end clean and clean. Between sitting and pooping, this area can become messy quickly. A clean area around the anus is a little embarrassing between you and your dog.
  8. A good diet helps to have a healthy coat that is less likely to get tangled. Look for omega 3 or fish oil in your puppy’s food and supplements. Of course, consult a veterinarian to learn the best amount to give your dog.

How to groom a dog with matted hair

how to cut matted dog hair

If you do not feel comfortable with the mower, it is possible to make a scissor cut sufficient for small dogs and sometimes necessary for sensitive areas (legs, hindquarters, ears).

The use of scissors is also interesting to simply trim the hair and in case of knots encountered in places during brushing. However, to obtain a result “carved” this work can take time and be laborious if you do not have a clear idea of ​​the desired cut.

It may be useful to bring pictures for inspiration or, better still, to help a video tutorial.

A final option is hair removal, to be performed in the salon or oneself using a special comb (Furminator type): this practice has the effect of removing the dead hair and bring out the undercoat, softer to the touch.

It is particularly suitable for hard-haired breeds such as Westie, Jack Russel, Scottish and Cairn terrier, as well as to limit hair loss during moulting in medium-haired dogs such as Cocker and Short-haired.


These were the ways to cut dog matted hair. Matted hair is a major problem for dogs and thus needs to be solved. Here were the solutions to this problem.

To know more about cutting dog hair with scissors, check How to Cut Dog Hair with Scissors Safely.

Share with us your experience. Have you had your dog have matted hair? and what did you do?


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