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Top 13 Hilarious Bad Dog Haircuts that have Gone Wrong

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Some haircuts have gone wrong and resulted in a hilarious bad dog haircuts. These haircuts have took the wrong turn. Your dog may feel different and uncomfortable.

Top 30 bad dog haircuts

1.) “Asked for an overall, got this instead?”

bad dog haircuts
Credited: brightside

On the list of bad haircuts is the dog that has gone wrong is dog with an overall coat. It’s clearly they are confused about it and wanted to wear an overall instead of becoming the overall.

2.) ” I didn’t ask to look like an Ice cube, human”

bad dog haircuts
Credited: imgur

Another one of the bad dog haircuts is this dog. The dog is clearly thinking “why am I looking like an ice cube” . With their white color and two squares, one is in their face and the other is in their nose, they look like a giant piece of ice cube.

3.) “Check out my afro, y’all?”

bad dog haircuts
Credited: Imgur

Another one of the awful haircuts is this haircut. It looks like an afro and makes the dog face look small. Also, there is no symmetry among the dog’s hair.

4.) ” I am the new Lion King of the jungle”

bad dog haircuts
Credited: winkgo

Look at the new lion king with their Simba’s look alike haircut. Well not exactly, the dog’s body is trimmed expect for their tail and head. The end result is a bit surprising leaving this dog looking like a lion but not a good looking one.

5.) ” I didn’t ask for this school girl look, just why”

bad dog haircuts
Credited: barkpost

The dog is clearly is in shock with their new bad awful haircut. So I am guessing they feel like ” I just wanted a normal haircut and a more grown up look”. This haircut is so awful that the dog is looking like they are posing out of despair.

6.) “Just chilling under the sun with my new foundation”

bad dog haircuts
Credited: Wikingo

The dog is clearly sitting wondering what happened to them. So all of their body, except their head, is hair in a cut.

7.) “Look everyone , I am a panda”

Credited : Petcube

While there is a strong resemblance between a panda and this dog, the dog is looking like they are proud of their bad haircut. However, it doesn’t look good.

8.) “Nice to meet you, I am batdog”

Credited: Petcube

This dog has one of the awful haircuts. Their hair is trimmed from their head a bit leaving them with a bat like appearance. While their body gives this illusion as well.

8.) “Look at my shiny and silky hair

Credited: Imgur

The dog’s haircut looks like they have long silky hair. Therefore,the hair doesn’t look natural.

9.) ” Check out my mohawk”

Credited: inspiremore

This haircut looks like a mohawk. Also, I am guessing the dog clearly doesn’t know what happened to them.

10.) ” My name is doggy, I am here for the interview”

The dog with crazy dog hair is looking like they are getting ready and preparing themselves for an interview. Also, their hair looks like they have human hair.

11.) ” Where is my hair, I am cold”

Credited: Winkgo

This dog looks like they were stripped away from their coat. Also,they only have hair on their tail.and head which makes them look odd.

12.) “I look like a little girl, human”.

Credited: Winkgo

In the picture, the dog looks like they are chilling and sitting comfortably. But my guess is that they still haven’t checked out how they look. Also,they look like a little girl who just finished combing her hair.

13.) “You had to trim my hair, human.”

Credited: Inspiremore

The dog looks so much happier when their hair wasn’t trimmed. They look plain sad after the trimming. Also, they look much better before than after the hair trim.


In conclusion, their are some dog parents who hoped that their dog got a nice haircut but got the exact opposite. These haircuts affect the dog’s mood by making them feel either happy or sad about the haircut.

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Share your experience with us. How did trimming your dog’s hair go? Also was it a good experience for you and your dog?


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