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7 Hardest Dogs to Train for Dog Parents

hardest dogs to train
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Hardest dogs to train, whether exercised as a profession or applied to our puppies, requires a lot of love and know-how. Some dog breeds are easier to educate than other.

Puppy education can be a very complicated task if they are and do not learn easily. To do this, you must be very patient and loving. You must also know the basics of dog training and the effective methods to teach your puppy to obey.

Hardest dogs to train

 In this list, we will offer you the 7 hardest dogs to train whose learning is the most difficult.

1.) The Siberian Husky

hardest dogs to train: Siberian Husky

No one can deny that the Siberian Husky is a beautiful breed of dog. In addition to its charming appearance, this dog is characterized by a strong personality.

It is not easy at all to give orders to a Husky and wait for him to answer. This breed is known for its stubborn and determined nature: when a Husky wants to do or get something, he will do it at all costs.

Thus, to successfully educate such a dog, you must show a strong personality so that he cannot handle you.

2.) The Beagle

hardest dogs to train: Beagle

The Beagle is a famous hunting dog that is characterized by its rather developed sense of smell. He expects to be rewarded every time he does something. Prepare a big pack of treats if you want to train a Beagle.

You must also be very active and patient enough, because dogs of this breed are bored very quickly and must always be busy with something.

3.) The Shar-Pei

hardest dogs to train: Shar Pei

Shar-Pei with special appearances is a dog with a strong personality. He is independent and loyal. This makes the education of such a dog is a little complicated. It must be done as soon as possible. Arm yourself with patience and compassion.

4.) The Dalmatian

hardest dogs to train: Dalmatian

Another one of the hardest dogs to train is the Dalmatian. Very popular around the world, Dalmatian is a dog with distinctive appearances.

This beautiful dog is also extremely intelligent. This personality makes him a very difficult dog to educate.

To succeed in the education of a Dalmatian, perseverance and determination are de rigueur, because, this dog can be bored quickly and develop bad habits.

5.) The Akita

hardest dogs to train: Akita

The Akita breed is among the most beautiful breeds in the world. Dogs of this breed are known to be good family protectors.

However, this dog is as tenacious as the rest of the breeds mentioned in this article. He is known to give up workouts quite often.

Thus, to successfully educate this dog, it is advisable to use a professional dog trainer.

6.) The Dachshund

hardest dogs to train: Dachshund

Dogs of the Dachshund breed are very active and love to play and hunt anything that moves in their territory. To train them, you need to develop a specific program. You also need more than one outing per day to keep them interested in your education.

7.) The Shiba-Inu

hardest dogs to train: Shiba Inu

The last of the hardest dogs to train in the list is the Shiba- Inu. The Shiba-Inu is a dog as beautiful as it is intelligent.

He has a strong personality that makes him independent and rebellious. It must be educated at an early age to prevent it from becoming aggressive towards foreign people.

This dog likes to do things his way, so his education is not easy and requires a lot of patience.

Hardest dog breeds to housebreak

If you are looking for a companion that you can take anywhere, you need a well trained dog.

Also if you are looking for a dog to compete in obstacle or obedience races, you need a well trained dog.

However, if you do not want to spend a lot of time working with your new pet, make sure you breed the most difficult dog breeds to train.

Although the breeds on this list may be a challenge to train, for many, they are worth it.

The fact that a breed makes this list does not mean that you can not own them as an inexperienced dog owner, but you must be willing to learn and have the time and energy to properly train your new pet .

The most difficult dog breeds to train are not impossible to train, it will take just a little more time and patience than with other types of dogs.

You might even need the help of a professional dog trainer. Believe me, if you make the effort, any dog ​​can be trained.

1.) Saint Bernard

Although the real origins of St. Bernard are sketchy, we know that the monks of the St. Bernard Pass used them as guard dogs and rescue dogs.

For centuries, the Saint was created to perform many functions, such as those mentioned, and tasks related to the farm hand.

They can do these things with little or no supervision. This requires a lot of intelligence and independent thinking.

It is this independent thought that makes these canines difficult to train. They still believe that their way of doing things is better

2.) Bassett Hound

Although this dog has short legs, he remains heavy with strong bones and muscles. Originally bred to be hunting dogs, these hounds still love being a dog.

They like barking, screaming, digging and walking around the neighborhood.

The owner of one of these dogs must be a regular trainer to turn one of these babies into a pet. The Saint Hubert’s Hound is also very lazy.

They simply prefer to lie down when they do not smell, which makes them one of the most difficult dog breeds to train.

3.) Greyhound

A famous racing breed, this intelligent and docile breed also becomes a favorite as a familiar pet. Greyhounds are greyhounds.

Although the racing industry has eliminated all aggression and other undesirable characteristics, the propulsion of prey remains high.

This combined with their ability to jump most fences less than 6 feet means that they must be properly trained not to chase cars, squirrels and other pets.

They are also very sensitive and need a soft hand in training. If the training is too hard, they can become nervous, shy and fearful.

4.) Borzoi

Also known as “Russian werewolf”, these puppies were popular among the Russian aristocracy until the end of the 19th century.

Other hunting dogs, these dogs are fast and will pursue everything that moves. Sensitive like the Greyhound, you have to be careful when training.

This breed is suspect to children and strangers, so the person who trains this dog must be able to do group leader training, socialization and obedience.

However, they are smart so that the person who devotes time and knowledge is rewarded with excellent results.

 5.) Bullmastiff

There are a few reasons why this puppy is hard to train. First, they have average intelligence. Although the average is not bad, they will not pick things up as quickly as really smart dogs. Second, they are stubborn and independent.

Courageous and confident, these dogs do not take orders from anyone. Third, they are huge. Originally bred to be watchdogs, these animals need an experienced trainer for obedience, pack leader and socialization training.

They can easily injure or kill another animal or human.

Consistent training

If you plan to buy a dog with pedigree, you will need to inquire. The many breeds have very different characteristics and their behaviors can be attributed to the specific role for which each was originally raised.

You will know more about each breed in particular by informing you about professional breeders, breeder associations and veterinarians.

Stubborn dog breeds

Some dogs are the most adorable and easiest to please. Other … well … not so much. Some dogs are stubborn, difficult to control and only interested in doing what they want. Here we show you the most obstinate dog breeds:

1.) Shar Pei

The Shar pei is known for his loyalty, dexterity and independence. It is one of the most stubborn races, very similar to three-year-old children who refuse to go to bed.  

 2.) Lhasa Apso

Do not let your beauty fool you, it’s one of the most stubborn races. They were raised to be watchdogs and love doing what they please, not what you think.

3.) Chow Chow

The Chow Chows, famous for their unique tongue color and its resemblance to a teddy bear. An extremely intelligent race that likes to do things their own way.

4.) Collie

They are very intelligent and love to make their owner feel good, but only in their own way. You will never know what it is you want to do to make yourself feel good, but that you give orders, is not a way.

5.) Airedale

 Known as the king of the Terriers. Very playful and intelligent. They like changes in their lives in a constant way, otherwise they will look for what to do on their own.

6.) Jack Russell Terrier

One of the most loved breeds in Hollywood. Adorable, intelligent and a huge energy source enclosed within a canine body. Be careful with this stubborn race.

7.) Dachshund

He is not a word they do not know. Also, they are comical, adorable, but they are too intelligent for their own well-being. They will steal all your food if you do not take care of it, and they will never stop.


These are the hardest dogs to train. Each has unique characteristics and traits. Some are hard to train while others are hard to housetrain. There are others who are stubborn in nature.

To know more about easiest dogs to train, check The 10 Easiest Dog Breeds to Train.

Share your your experience. Do you have a dog that is hard to train?


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