300 Dogs or More Were Harmed (Some Very Seriously) By The Toxics & Vitamins in Hill’s Canned Food

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Currently, there are 35 class-action lawsuits against Hill’s Pet Nutrition brought by Pet Parents across the United States. These pet parents are suing the company for toxic levels of Vitamin D in Dog food. These 35 lawsuits have recently been combined into a single federal Lawsuit.

2019 was a very problematic year for Hill’s. They had to issue several recalls during the year, and after doing some research, the root of the problem turned out to be a vitamin premix product supplied to Hill’s that they used in their products.

The Hill’s vitamin D problem originated with the company’s vitamin premix supplier, DSM Nutritional Products. For those of you who may be unfamiliar — the extreme conditions under which most canned and especially dry pet foods are produced kills a significant amount of their nutritional value.

Three months ago, the FDA stated that they were not convinced the company had resolved all the issues which have caused the vitamin D toxicity problem.

Processed pet foods are convenient, so they are always a go-to option for busy pet owners, but there are still many problems with them. Contamination and nutrient issues are two of these problems, and they are problems that will remain with us for the near future.

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