Couple Does the Best Gender Reveal Ever – For Their Puppy

Since Alicia and Kyle got married two years ago, their families and friends had repeatedly been asking them about babies and when they’re going to start thinking of getting a baby.

But having kids so soon was never part of their plans, instead, they wanted to travel and enjoy their lives kids-free for a while. They were a happy family with their 9-year-old black lab.

When the questions started to get really annoying, they hatched a plan to put an end to the constant nagging.

“When we got married almost two years ago, everyone was quick to start asking when the kiddos were coming. It’s kind of annoying to say over and over, ‘Not anytime soon.’ So we decided to play a little prank on everyone to get them off our backs”

Castillo to the Dodo

They decided to do a gender reveal of their own, one unlike any other.

They did everything perfectly, with the box, signs, and balloons.

We were so pleased with ourselves the entire photoshoot, laughing about how everyone was going to freak out when we posted [on social media]. My dad did the photos for us and said he couldn’t believe how far we were going out of our way to troll all of our friends and family.

They shared the post on social media, keeping the caption as vague as possible and leaving the puppy out of the first couple of images, perfecting the trick.

Okay guys … so I know that we said that we would not be growing our little family for a few years, but when you have a happy little family as perfect on ours, it’s hard to not want to share it with another member. Welcome to the fam Cooper James Castillo.

The caption on their post

The trick worked. Their families and friends were tricked, but they loved it nonetheless, because how could they not?

Hank will act like he is annoyed by Cooper but he is such a liar … they are constantly playing and roughhousing together. And when they are not playing, they are always cuddling — they always have to be near one another.”


Gorgeous, aren’t they?

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