Zookeeper Shocked to See 11-Week-Old Puppy’s Head in Python’s Mouth, Uses Genius Trick To Save Puppy’s Life

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He unraveled the python’s body from Luna’s, and now what remains was removing the snake’s jaws from the puppy’s head.

He asked his daughter for white vinegar from the house to agitate the snake’s sensitive tongue but what was available was a bottle of Jim Beam.

He then poured whiskey into the snake’s mouth and it immediately let go.

Using his snake-handling experience as a zookeeper, he was able to cage the reptile in his shower until a suitable container could be found and he could release it back into the wild.

‘I want to show people there is a humane way to deal with something like this, which ends up with the snake and the dog both fine in the end,’

he told the Townsville Bulletin.

The dog is currently recovering and will fully recover soon.

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