Zookeeper Shocked to See 11-Week-Old Puppy’s Head in Python’s Mouth, Uses Genius Trick To Save Puppy’s Life

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A veteran zookeeper whose 11-week-old puppy was almost killed by a huge scrub python has revealed the incredible trick he used to save his pet’s life.

Rob Hall, Hamilton Zoo general manager was enjoying a barbecue when he heard the faint yelp of his beloved pet Luna.

In his Jubilee Pocket backyard, in Queensland’s Whitsundays region, He was shocked to find a three-meter snake constricting his puppy’s body with its jaw around her head.   

Thanks to his extensive experience handling zoo animals, he knew the first thing to do was make sure the puppy could breathe. He knew that not getting air would actually kill the puppy before any bites do.

‘Immediately I knew the constriction was the biggest issue, not the bite, so my daughter and wife helped me hold on to both the snake and the dog’s head, as I slowly unraveled the python from the weakest part – the end of the tail”

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