Young Adopted Boy Cries to Hold His Dying Dog As She Goes to Heaven

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Robbie is a young adopted boy who suffered from abuse and neglect. The young man spent years in the foster care system, moving from one home to another, so he has a very good idea of what feeling unwanted is like.

It’s an unfortunate fact that as a child spends more time in the foster care system, it gets harder for them to get adopted. This same principle applies to senior shelter dogs.

When Robbie was finally given a loving family by his adopted parents, Maria Henry Gay and her husband, he finally felt loved and wanted.

The woman and her husband also adopt senior dogs to shower them with love during their final days on this earth.

One of these dogs was Buffy. Buffy was in bad condition during her last days. Her last bloodwork showed the dog had advanced kidney failure and there was nothing the doctors could do.

The family then had to make a hard decision, but they knew it was the right one to make. They decided that they must let her go before she was in so much pain that she becomes unable to eat or drink and before she loses her will to live.

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