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When This Boy Got Really Sick, He Wanted Only His Rescue Dog By His Side

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Four years ago, back in 2015, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC rescue a dog that had been thrown out of a moving vehicle.

This dog was later treated and with time, he was able to heal.

Later, this dog – now named Riddick – was adopted by a small family that consists of Bryan Junior and his wife who saw the pup’s pictures on social media and fell in love.

That’s a good looking family.
Source: The Dodo

One year after they adopted the pup, they were blessed with a human baby boy. Soon enough, it was clear that baby Dawson was the most important thing in the world for Riddick and the family’s other pit bull, Cambria.

This feeling was mutual, and baby Dawson would stay with his dogs all the time. The love was so strong that the family started calling the dogs “the paw patrol” because of how attentive they were to the baby.

Unfortunately, Dawson got really sick for the first time ever. His fever was getting worse and he didn’t want anyone by his side.

Anyone but Riddick.

The boy crawled up onto the Ottoman where Riddick was laying down and held him. Riddick didn’t move a hair and stayed right where he was.

They stayed in that position for 30 minutes before Dawson fell asleep, and Riddick stayed right where he was, again never moving an inch.

Everywhere Dawson went, Riddick followed along. Riddick is the gentlest dog in the world, and especially so when it comes to Dawson.

Thankfully, Dawson started feeling better a few days later, and he went back to his loving self once more. And of course, Riddick was right there by his side.

Whatever happens in life, Dawson will grow up knowing he was loved from the start of his life.

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