What is The Chinese​ Dog Festival and Other FAQ

What is The Chinese​ Dog Festival and Other FAQ
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Today, I am going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Chinese​ Dog Festival. The Yulin festival has many of the animal rights activists angry and frustrated. Why would anyone want to eat our lovely four-legged companions?

I won’t be sharing any graphic pictures because this is a very sensitive topic.

If you can’t stomach this sickening reality, then consider this a trigger warning and proceed with caution or simply click on one of our other blog posts to read.

I highly recommend you read my Can You Brush Dog Teeth with Coconut Oil blog post. The coconut oil topic is still somewhere on the spectrum of controversy, but it not so gruesome like the dog eating festival.

Take a deep breath cause things are about to get very ugly.

What is the Chinese​ dog festival?

It is an annual festival, also known as the Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat festival, that lasts for ten days. During this festival, people eat dog and cat meat, Lychee fruit, and liquor. Yulin is a city in Guangxi.

The first festival started back in 2009 to mark the start of the summer. Eating dogs is a tradition in China. According to the Chinese folklore, the act of eating dogs in the summer supposedly brings on good luck and superb health.

Some people believe that dog meat can protect an individual from certain diseases. They also believe that dog meat is good at boosting men’s sexual performance.

Chinese​ dog festival – The History of dog eating in China

The unfortunate practice of dog eating in China is traced back to the seventeen hundred B.C, in the northern region of the country.

Chinese​ Dog Festival - Dog in a cage

Dogs used to work back in Ancient China. From guarding their owner’s houses to hunting, these dogs did everything. However, they were also slaughterd for food.

Dog and Dog meats were served as vital offerings to the ancestors. They were also given to the Gods as a sacrificial food.

In the tenth century, Buddhism became more popular among the people. That was when the citizens finally started viewing killing dogs as a bad thing, and so the decline in dog consumption began.

They believed that the act of killing dogs brings forth bad karma because dogs are killing loyal creatures that protect and serve them well.

The health benefits mentioned earlier in the blog post stemmed from Chinese traditional medicine.

Some believe that the dog’s meat has many health benefits and provides warmth in the cold days of winter.

When is the Chinese​ dog festival?

The Yulin dog eating festival takes place in the summer. This year, it will start on the twenty-first of June, and end on the thirtieth of June.

It usually takes place at the same time every year, but hopefully, we’ll be able to change that in the near future and stop the act of eating dogs and cats altogether.

Is the Chinese​ dog festival funded and supported by the government?

In 2014, the government of Yulin stopped backing this annual event and discouraged people from participating in it.

This happened because of the animal activists from China, Asia, and other parts of the world. This means that we’re progressing towards better days because these activists were able to make a change, even if it was slight.

The Chinese​ dog festival – Is it banned

Unfortunately, no. Although the government no longer supports this festival, it still occurs nevertheless.

Eating dog meat is not illegal in China, so how could the government ban the act of dog eating during those ten days, but allow it throughout the rest of the year.

The goal of ending the Yulin festival though very noble isn’t the main target here. We don’t end dog eating by ending the Yulin festival, but ending dog eating will eradicate the practice itself; as well as, the festival.

So unless eating dog meat becomes illegal, the government won’t be able to ban the festival. However, the government is trying to tell the people that there is a thin line between history and tradition.

They’re advising their people to stop consuming dog meat. The government believes that eating dog’s meat should stay in the past.

Chinese​ Dog Festival - Dog in a Cage

I believe it is important to disprove the stereotype that all Chinese eat dogs. In fact, the majority of them are against this brutal act.

Chinese​ Dog Festival

I am so sorry I’ve sent a little grey cloud your way, but we need to raise awareness in order to be able to implement any sort of change.

Please share this post with your friends and family, and don’t forget to give them a trigger warning before you send it to them.

The more people know about this pressing issue, the bigger the chances we have to make an impact.

In my next post, I will discuss what we can do to help end, or at least significantly reduce dog meat consumption.

Okay, the post is offically over! However, I want you to watch this twenty-second adorable doggish video to help you move on with your daily tasks.

Teamwork makes the dream work 😂😍😍

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