What Is A Dog DNA Test?

What's a dog DNA test?

Apparently, we have DNA tests for our dogs now. If you have been living under a rock, then you might have missed the DNA test trend. What I was surprised to uncover, though, is that these DNA tests are now also amiable for our dogs.

Okay, but what is a dog DNA test? A DNA dog test is basically a DNA testing kit that is going to help you identify your dog’s breed, learn more bit their ancestry, and even discover what genetic diseases your dog has a risk of getting.

That all sounds cool and the DNA test kit sounds like it is actually going to give you some interesting information about your beloved pooch, but is it really that important? Continue reading to learn more about that.

What Is A Dog DNA Test? |

What is a dog DNA test kit?

You might be surprised to know that dog DNA test have been around during the past ten years, but it has only recently gained popularity among dog owners. But what is exactly? Before we jump into exploring what a DNA test kit is, let us first start by explaining what a DNA is.

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. It is basically a structured sequence of nucleotides. DNA is like a one of a kind blueprint that differs from one living being to another. You can think of it as a fingerprint; no two humans have the same fingerprint.

What's a dog DNA test?

A gene is a specific sequence of DNA. Each gene codes for a particular protein, and each protein has a different function. The functions include things like reproducing, maintaining, and building a cell.

FUN FACT: Did you know that humans have forty-six (46) chromosome, while dogs have seventy-eight (78)? The seventy-eight chromosomes have about twenty thousand and twenty-five thousand genes.

A paper was published back in 2005 in the Nature journal where the sequencing of the canine genome was described. This paper is revolutionary because it allowed breeders, scientists, and even dog owners to have access to the complete genome of dogs.

This is very helpful because it is going to allow them to understand dogs even more, which is going to make them be capable of taking care of dogs better.

How? Well, this published paper literally gave researchers a fantastic tool that can help them with gene identification purposes. These purposes can either be for disease identification, trait identification, and parentage identification.

So, this shows us that a DNA dog test is basically a DNA testing kit that is going to help you identify your dog’s breed, learn more bit their ancestry, and even discover what genetic diseases your dog has a risk of getting.

What Is A Dog DNA Test? |

What can a dog DNA test do?

DNA testing is used for many different reasons these days, here are some of those reasons.

1) To confirm parentage

We have just discussed how DNA is like a one of a kind blueprint. There is a technology called genetic fingerprinting that the law-enforcement uses all around the world to identify and confirm the identities of the suspected criminals.

That technology can also be used for other purposes, like having a DNA profile for any living being whether they are human or canine. These DNA profiles can help with tracking a dog’s ancestry, confirm parentage, and accurately identify a dog.

These DNA profiles are very valuable for dog breeders because it helps them answer their question related to parentage and even eliminate the breeder’s concerns.

What's a dog DNA test?

If you want to know how that is done, then read the two next paragraphs. If you are interested in learning more about that, then just skip the following two paragraphs and read the ones after that.

Every gene exists as two alleles (aka, two copies ). When a new puppy is born, they carry a single of each gene from both of their parents.

This means that the DNA tests that are done for parentage confirmation don’t use functional genes. Thus, DNA profiles are only used for two things. These things are parentage verification and genetic identity. However, they don’t give information about the dog’s breed, appearance, or genetic diseases.

2) To reveal a dog’s hidden traits

Don’t worry about that last sentence you have read in the previous paragraph because there are DNA tests that can detect the genes that can tell you about the coat type, color, texture, and even pattern that might show up in the dog’s offspring.

Just because your doh has a white, silky coat, that doesn’t mean that their offsprings are going to like them.

3) To enforce pet waste laws

This innovative technology can also be used to identify which pet owners don’t practice the dog feces law. There are a few companies that offer genetic profiling services to some managed communities where the landlord can pull up the pet registry of one of their residence’s dogs.

What's a dog DNA test?

If the landlord finds dog feces in areas where they are not supposed to be, then they can extract some sample cells from that feces and compare it the genetic profiles of the dogs living in that managed community.

When the extracted sample collected matches with one of the dog’s genetic profiles in the database, then the landlord can enforce the pet waste laws.

4) To detect a dog’s inherited diseases

Breeders carry a massive responsibility on their shoulders because they have to choose female and male dogs who are going to have the best chances of producing healthy puppies. Thankfully, genetic testing now exists, making a breeder’s life more comfortable and confirming or denying any predictions they had in mind.

By running genetic tests, the breeder will be able to screen the possibilities of many diseases that could develop in future offsprings. According to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals ( also known as the OFFA), “knowledge of the genotypic status is the ‘breeder’s most powerful tool for elimination of genetic disease.

Now, there are databases of the tests that are available that can be used and searched by a disease’s name or breed name. Usually, clubs that are created for a specific breed will have a list created that state which genetic tests are recommended for that particular breed.

5) To determine the type of mix in dogs who are a mixed breed

Yes, there are actually DNA tests can reveal which dog breeds were used to create mixed-breed dogs.

This could be very beneficial for dog owners because it is going to allow them to know which training and healthcare to implement and purchase depending on their dogs’ breeds.

What Is A Dog DNA Test? |

Should I get my dog a DNA test kit?

All of that sound very interesting, and I can’t deny how mesmerizing the continually evolving technology is. However, I would not personally make it a priority to get a DNA test kit.

If my dog were prone to developing cancer sometime in the future, I wouldn’t want to carry the burden of knowing that since they’re puppies. Sometimes, blessings are curses in a maleficent disguise.

What Is A Dog DNA Test? |

Sure, knowing what my dog might develop in the near future is going to help pick the best healthcare option for them. However, it would not do much in preventing diseases like cancer. I believe regular check-ups, a healthy lifestyle, a proper diet, and regular exercise is the best thing that could be done to take care of a dog’s health.

On the other hand, I believe that this is an amazing and perhaps even an essential tool for dog breeders because it allows them to screen the potential disease an offspring might develop before they are even conceived.

If you are interested in knowing what the best dog DNA tests are, then I highly recommend that you check out our The Best 9 Dog DNA Test Kit to Get For Your Dog in 2020 blog post.

What Is A Dog DNA Test? |

Other questions related to dog DNA tests

What is the price of a dog DNA test kit?

Your dog’s DNE test kit is going to cost you anywhere between sixty dollars and one hundred and seventy dollars! That is more expensive than a human DNA test kit.

How much does a human DNA test kit cost?

A human DNA test kit will cost you anywhere between fifty-five dollars and one hundred dollars.

What is a human DNA test kit?

A human DNA test kit is a testing kit that will use your DNA to give you information about your familial origin, tell you some interesting information about your ancestry, and it could also be used as a paternity test.

A DNA testing kit can be used to research a person’s ancestry or familial origin. It can also determine paternity.

What Is A Dog DNA Test? |

That’s it for today’s post. You should now know what a dog DNA test is, what does it do, and have any idea about how much it costs if you have any questions related to dog DNA tests, then feel free to leave them in the comments section down below.

If you have purchased a DNA test for your pooch and got your results back, we would love to read about your experience with that. So, if you are interested in sharing your experience with us and feel comfortable enough to do so, then please leave a reply in the comments section down below as well.

What Is A Dog DNA Test? |

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