Victory for Pit Bulls – Denver City Has Just Made History By Taking Down Their 30-Year-Ban on Pit Bulls

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If the pit bull owners do not break or violate those codes within three years, they will be able to remove the requirement for a breed-restricted license and license their pup under the same provisions as other dogs in Denver.

Even though this may seem like a small win, it still matters a lot.

However, this was met with mixed responses from the community.

“Thank you! I commute over an hour to do my PhD and was planning to leave Colorado afterward because of this law. I won’t have to leave now.”

– @JTFouquier via Twitter

“A step in the right direction. These are wonderful animals when socialized and raised in a loving environment.”

– @thegaryramsey via Twitter

However, some people still think that the new law is still too restrictive.

The ban should undoubtedly be lifted. But the way it is happening needs improvement. All dogs should be allowed without special registration or permissions. If there’s a problem there are laws in place that need to be enforced with a pit bull or golden

Heather Dawn – Facebook

“I’m not a fan I respect people who love their dogs but purebreds and mutts with this mix is not a good thing I have seen friends who have had family pets and kids the dog attacked them out of the blue raised as puppy’s multiple stories multiple circumstances! This breed is just so iffy it’s not safe.”

 Jodi Beth Sanders-Kubitschek – Facebook

What do you think of the new law?

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