Universities’ Laboratories Are Testing on Animals to Find A Coronavirus Cure, PETA Urges Them to Stop For A Very Reasonable Reason!

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Because of the coronavirus, universities have closed all across the United States.

Many animal experiments have stopped during this pandemic in laboratories; they have been decreasing and delayed.

However, universities took this opportunity to get a large number of animals and experiment on them for old and non-critical animal testing.

Those in the universities strongly believe that they can find a cure for the coronavirus when they test it on animals. They test on them in the cruelest of ways and on those who are considered extraneous.

A case that PETA has long fought against was the killing of rodents who were first experimented on by the Universities.

Credited: PETA

They are killed by euthanasia which is done by breaking their necks and then killing them with carbon dioxide.

“Why are these animals—when the experiments were approved by the school’s oversight body—now so easily discarded?” asks Kathy Guillermo, a senior vice president at PETA.

So, what does PETA urge universities to do?

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