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Top 7 Steps and Tips on Training A Husky Puppy

training a husky puppy
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Do you have a husky puppy who you want to train? Well, training a husky puppy requires following certain steps and tips so they become trained effectively.

Steps to training a husky puppy

Step one: Make yourself a strong leader

Establish yourself as a strong leader through letting your husky know that you are in charge. Huskies are known to be strong pack leaders who have a stubborn personality so they need to know that you are the leader.

It is important to know the temperament of the husky dog to understand how to deal with them. Also, you must become the leader so they listen to you when you ask them something.

You need to not be aggressive with your dog rather you need to be calm and firm when dealing with a husky puppy.

You have to show confidence and a strong willed personality. It is a bad idea to try to treat your husky as an equal. This will cause them to not listen to you.

Step two: Invest in the right collar for your husky

A husky doesn’t need a shock collar, pinch collar, or a choke collar. These types of collars aren’t suitable for your husky dog because they will slip right out of it.

Instead invest in a Martingale collar. This type of collar is loose and comfortable but it will tighten when your puppy pulls.

Step 3: Don’t free feed your husky

training a husky puppy

When you train your puppy, don’t free feed them all the time. It is important to have a schedule set for their eating times so they don’t have problems such as obesity or other health problems.

Also, you should teach them that nothing in life is free. Food, treats , and affection come based on how your puppy listens to you and these will be rewards that your puppy get for doing a good job so they can learn to listen to you.

While water should be provided freely.

Step 4: Use positive reinforcement

Always use positive reinforcement to reinforce good behavior that your puppy does. However there are certain tips to follow for it to be effective:

  • Make sure to reward your puppy immediately when they have done something good so they will know what behaviors are acceptable and what is not. Also, it is important to do so immediately so they don’t become confused.
  • Using positive reinforcement, you can also change bad behavior into good behavior.
  • Do not punish the husky puppy for doing something bad. Instead, withhold treats and rewards so that they learn that these behaviors are not acceptable.

Step 5: Teach your puppy basic commands

Teach your puppy basic commands so you can easily communicate with them. Teach them simple commands such as come, sit, down, stay.

By teaching your husky puppy these commands, they will become well behaved, smarter, and understand what they need to do.

By understanding these basic commands, your puppy will have a set of commands that that they understand and know how to communicate to others.

Step 6: Train your husky puppy how to potty properly

There are many methods in potty training a husky puppy. These methods can be either crate training or paper training depending on how long you are at home.

For example, crate training is most suitable when you are at home most of the time. While paper training is suitable when you are aren’t in the house.

Crate training

In crate training, you make sure that your puppy is comfortable inside the crate and can sit there for a long period of time.

The idea is that a crate is a place where the puppy won’t make a mess in because they naturally see it as their “den” so instinctively they want it always to be clean.

It’s a good way to make your puppy get accustomed to sitting inside the crate. Also, if it is done properly, your puppy will become potty trained within 14 days.

Some tips on crate training a husky puppy

1.) Always keep a potty schedule

Keeping a schedule is important so your husky puppy doesn’t eliminate in their crate. This happens because your puppy is left for a long period of time inside their crate. Thus, always check up on them at times.

2.) Use positive reinforcement

Reward and give your puppy a treat when they eliminate on time. You have to do so so they associate going to potty properly with rewards.

Also, use commands such as “go potty” to ask your puppy to go in their regular spot to eliminate.

Paper training your husky puppy

This method should be used as the last solution. It relies on placing a paper pads made specifically for potty in specific areas of the house.

This method is great when your husky is still a puppy. However, when they grow, their size become so large that they eliminate outside the pads leaving a mess.

It is not a permanent solution and should be used when dog parents are very busy outside.

Tips for paper training a husky puppy

1.) Watch your puppy for signs

Watch out for signs so you know when they want to go potty. Some of these signs are circling, sniffing, or squatting.

2.) Praise your Husky puppy

Once your puppy eliminates on the paper pads, praise them a lot so they know they know they done a good job and are encouraged to do so next time they want to potty.

Step 7: Exercise your Husky puppy

training a husky puppy
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Another step in training a husky puppy is exercise. Exercise your husky puppy everyday so they are physically fit and use their excess energy.

It is a form of training where you teach habits, discipline, and socialization. As a rule, give your puppy exercise 5 minutes for every month.

An example would be 15 minutes exercise for a 3 month puppy.

Go slow when you exercise your puppy for the first year because their ligaments, muscle mass, and joints are still developing. Thus, over exercise will tire and sore their bodies.

You can also initiate play time in which your puppy will move their bodies and exercise while they play.

Tips on training a husky puppy

  • Never use violence on your puppy; don’t yell or hit your puppy when they do something wrong.
  • Be consistent and balanced in your training so your puppy doesn’t get confused.
  • Make rules that your husky puppy will stick to them.
  • Socialize your husky puppy so they learn and know how to act around other dogs and people.


In conclusion, training a husky puppy requires a firm and confident leader. They require an experienced leader who knows how to deal with them.

Even though they are smart and learn quickly, it is important to start training while they are young puppies.

To know more information about training a puppy to not be scared, check How to Train a Puppy to Stop Being Scared.

Share with us your opinion. Do you find that training a husky puppy easy or hard?


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