The Top 4 Effective Gun Dog Training Techniques for a Good Hunt

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Dog training in its entirety is an enduring slow hard process, but Gun Dog Training is in a whole other level of hard

Nothing can match the thrill of a good hunt, I think we can all agree, that’s why you are seeking to turn your unruly pup to be the perfect gun dog

Gun dog training requires a lot of patience and time.
Only sweet, tantrums, and tears can fuel this process
(both from you and your canine).

But you will do it,

You will do it for that sweet moment you’re picturing ahead,
You and your dog side by side, hiding in the bushes, waiting to attack

You will do it for the thrilling promise of exciting days in the hunting field
and the lifelong bond with your canine that comes after

You will do it for this look!

credit: the field

Whether you’ve got a Labrador more interested in eating treats or a spaniel too excitable to sit, Read on and you will get everything you need to know to turn your pup into the perfect Hunting machine.

Here are the top 4 effective gun dog training techniques and tips, but first let’s start with the things that you absolutely should know before you even start, so things can’t go wrong

Gun Dog Training 101

What You Should Know Before You Start?

To start gun dog training is the same as entering into a marriage.

Before you even think about training your pooch to be a gun dog, There are several things you should know first. Just as there are things you should know before you reach the altar

credit: Alpha dog

GUN DOG TRAINING: What You Need to Know?

  • Cockers are plain simple nuts, not busy or merry. So, when someone tells you that they are demented bumblebees, listen.
  • Gun dog manuals only go so far. You can read all the manuals you put your hands on but they never seem to cover the exact issues raised by your particular dog. Every dog is an individual on its own
  • Be aware of the difference between the hunting and retrieving breeds. Make sure to know how the different breeds work and which will suit you before buying a puppy. So hold off for a Little while, Don’t rush into this
  • Any learning process requires getting help, No shame in doing that, so Ask for advice.
  • Don’t get too serious. No good result can come out of that
  • Even at the stage of competing with or being paid to work dogs, Remember how much fun it is. Your day may be wet and tiring, but there will always be a nugget of pleasure in there.

Now for the actual process of Gun Dog Training

The Top 4 Effective Gun Dog Training Techniques

Training a gun dog isn’t a complicated dilemma as one might think. you can’t go wrong with a few basics.

In order to teach your puppy how to hunt, He needs to understand the following:

Retrieve, Stay, Recall, and Search.

The dog should stop, go away from you, and come back to you when you want.

That’s basically it,

But Hey, Not so easy, The devil is always in the details

Gun dog Training session

First Command, Retrieve or Fetch

  1. Retrieving is taught by starting with a ball, a dummy or a toy first.
  2. Throw the toy at a short distance at first, ask your puppy to go and get it by using a commanding word like “Fetch it” or “Go”
  3. You can extend the distance as your dog gets better at retrieving.
  4. When your dog returns the toy or the dummy, make sure that you swap it for a treat, and give it lots of praise!
  5. After several attempts, start using a toy with animal urine on it (of the specific animal you want your dog to target) and have him retrieve the toy to get accustomed to bringing that scent back to you for a big reward.

Me personally I had much fun with using The Dog Ball Launcher Gun Exhaustion to teach my dog this command.

It will make it fun for you and your canine and will take the edge out of this process

The Dog Ball Launcher Gun Exhaustion is light, fun, and easy to use

Second command, Stay or Wait Until Given a Release Word

  1. To achieve the desired outcome of this command, show your dog the palm of your hand and say, “Stay”. Take a step back, and let him wait for no more than a second. Get back to him and treat him immediately.
  2. With each attempt, increase the time and the distance as long as your puppy is confident with the exercise.
  3. Combine teaching him to “Retrieve” and “Stay” by throwing a toy and asking your puppy to stay.
  4. Ask your dog to fetch the toy when you give him a release word like “Fetch it” or “Go.”

Third Command, Recall or Come When Called

  1. Choose a certain word for your recalling command like “Come” or “Get Back”; you can also use a whistle.
  2. Make sure to have lots of treats, call your puppy using the recall word. Once he comes, Give him lots of praise and a treat for coming to you. He needs to learn that coming to you is rewarding.
  3. Now try to combine all three exercises or commands with your puppy. Throw the toy, ask him to wait, and then release him to fetch. Once your puppy has the toy that he should retrieve, use your recall word and call him toward you!

With multiple attempts to master these commands, things can get too stressful for your pup.

His anxiety levels may go up in ways you won’t like. What’s worst is the results, which can be aggression, barking, and even biting.

When you realize that, I recommend using The RELAXVEST.

The RELAXVEST is a Dog Anxiety-Calming Vest, It has the same effect on them as cuddling with you, and it makes your pup relax.

The Breathable, high-quality material makes The RELAXVEST feel nice on his skin, so he can wear it all day, and the flexibility of its material means your pup can have it on during the enduring process of training him to be the best gun dog that he can be.

Also, The RELAXVEST makes your pup look cool.

Fourth Command, Search or Find Things with The Smell

  1. It’s preferable to start this exercise with your puppy at a young age. Hide treats with a strong smell all over your home and garden, and have your puppy search for them.
  2. At the beginning of the teaching process, your puppy won’t know what to look for or what the command “Search” means. So start by pointing out the area in which to search.
  3. Praise your puppy each time he sniffs out a treat! Take him to each area where you have hidden a treat, and ask him to search.
  4. Do the same steps repeatedly until your puppy is confident with the word “Search” and then you can move on to the next step.
  5. In the hunting field, use animal urine on objects for your puppy to sniff out. This is done by hiding a toy or dummy that have urine drops on it, make your dog sniff out the urine smell on a piece of cloth to get acquainted with what he is supposed to search for
  6. Ask your puppy to retrieve this toy by using your search command, and give him a huge reward when he successfully gets it.

That’s it. If you go through the training process of your gun dog with these in mind, I guarantee you the results will be incredibly amazing.

What Are The Best Gun Dog Breeds Out There?

Not all breeds can be exceptional hunting dogs.

You certainly can’t picture your Yorkie’s prey drive adding too much to your hunting success, can you?

Many different kinds of dogs can serve as wonderful hunting partners depending on what kind of game you’re pursuing.

With a lot of patience, you can train any dog to be a haunting dog but there are certain breeds that are natural hunters. It is much easier to work with them

There are plenty of hunters who are loyal to their breed, whether it’s a cocker spaniel, an English setter, a Boykin spaniel, an English springer spaniel, a Brittany spaniel or any other breed, each one will produce great hunters.

However, Here are my top 10 favorite hunting dogs breeds.

  • Labradors
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Springer Spaniels
  • Bloodhound
  • Chesapeake Bay Retriever
  • Weimaraners
  • Hungarian Vizslas
  • Italian Spinones
  • Weimaraner
  • Coonhound

I hope this helps and answers all the questions you might have in mind.

Good luck on your gun dog training

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And as always if you enjoyed what you read here and want to read more check out my other articles on The consequences of bad dog teeth or Dazzling dogs with hair.

If you have any tips or questions regarding the subject, Feel free to tell me in the comments section and I promise you I will respond ASAP.

Have a nice day and Read you next time.

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