Rescuers Cooperate to Save A German Shepherd Who Fell into Icy Water in Plainfield Pond

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Firefighters got a call about a 10-month-old German Shepherd named Maverick who have fallen in the ice near Drauden Road and Catherine Drive.

But before Firefighters arrived, a person saw Maverick and used his kayaker to reach the German Shepherd but couldn’t reach him.

Then, when the firefighters arrived, one of them named Bill Cascone wore a water rescue suit, also known as Gumby suit, to reach Maverick by going into the water.

Bill managed to get a hold of the German Shepherd. However, they were stuck and couldn’t get out.

Credited: wjol

So, using a rope, Lt. Brian Stevens and firefighter/ paramedic Dennis House pulled them out of the icy water.  

But, how was Maverick doing after being exposed to really icy water?

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Welcome to my bio everyone, my name is Nada. Ever since I was little, I have loved animals because they are so loving and kind. All they need is you attention, love, and care but I didn't understand them very well because I didn't get the chance to raise them. Well, That changed when my family and I got our first dog Rocky, a German Shepherd. Rocky was fun and loving with funny quirks. Being loyal and protective of us, he made me see the nature of a German Shepherd. Now, we have another German Shepherd named Mia. She is a wonderful dog and a rescue who just needed a second chance in life. Mia has long grown from being a terrified dog to the brave and caring German Shepherd that she is today. P.S: Here is a picture of our beautiful German Shepherd, Mia.

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