Top 5 Puzzle toys that Will Challenge Your Dog’s Mind

Puzzle toys are great to challenge your dog’s mind by making your dog think about how to get the treats.

They are also fun and occupy your dog’s mind when you are away so they don’t suffer from separation anxiety.

Here are the top 5 puzzle toys.

1.) Wisedom Dog Treat Ball IQ Puzzle Toys

The treat ball toy is made of soft rubber that is gentle on your dog’s gums, bite resistant, and durable.

You could train your dog’s brain through solving puzzles which will develop your dog’s intellectual skills and will be fun.

All you got to do is fill the puzzle toy with treats and let your dog play with it. Slowly, treats will fall down from the puzzle toy and your dog will eat them.

As for destructive behaviors, it stirs your dog away from being destructive. Mainly through occupying them mentally and physically for long periods of time making them less likely to become bored or frustrated.

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2.) Outward Hound Puzzle Toy

Your dog can be exercised both mentally and physically through this puzzle toy.

So how does your dog play with it? Being a level 2 dog brain game, it is suitable for smart dogs who love a challenge.

To start the game, you got to place your dog’s favorite treats in the three levels of spinning compartments and then let your dog begin to play. There are about 12 puzzle compartments that you can put treats in.

Fun yet challenging, your dog is going to love this puzzle toy. To get this unique puzzle toy, check it here (link to Amazon).

3.) VolacoPets Puzzle Toys

VolcacoPets offer a set of 5 toy balls all in just one purchase giving your dog more choices to choose from.

Made from a safe material that is not plastic, it offers your dog all the safety that they need; It doesn’t cause harm to your dog by being easily broken and ingested by them contributing to problems in their digestive system.

The toy comes with certain balls where you can place treats in them and the treats slide out of the ball when your dog plays with it. It can serve as an exercise for both their minds and bodies.

Another ball makes a squeaky sound when your dog plays with them attracting your dog to the sound and relieving their boredom.

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4.) Aibele Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy

This interactive puzzle toy lets you interact with your dog in a fun way maximizing the bonding experience.

All you need to do is put some treats in the ball and then let the ball roll out. The ball comes with a small bell that makes a sound when the ball is rolled out.

Through a simple game interaction, your dog will get the treat out of the ball very easily. It’s like a puzzle that your dog will work to finish to get the treats out.

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5.) Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Beginner Dog Puzzle Toy

This is a level 1 interactive puzzle toy that acts as a food dispenser through a game that your dog will like.

It offers mental stimulation for your dog through 9 bone-shaped treat-dispensing compartments that will keep your dog busy without resorting to destructive behaviors.

This is a great way to slow down mealtimes, which in return, improves digestion and preventing bloating.

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Puzzle toys help your dog have fun while raising their intellectual abilities; they search for ways to get the treats in a fun and mentally stimulating puzzle toy.

Dogs could benefit from these toys because they also need to use their minds as well.