Racist Man Attacks & Kicks Woman’s Senior Dog On Street Because “She is Clearly Asian!”

Racist Man Attacks & Kicks Woman's Senior Dog On Street Because "She is Clearly Asian!" |

Unfortunately, racism is still very much a thing for some people around the world, and with the outbreak of COVID-19, we have seen some real hateful actions from people, but to be directed against a poor, senior dog, is just despicable!

Los Angeles native and New York-based veteran blogger and full-time brand content creator Feral Creature (Eugénie Grey) and her 11.5-year-old elderly dog reported that they were victims of another racist attack from the COVID-19 outbreak.

In her post, she stated:

“Today, Napoleon and I were victims of yet another, presumably racist, attack. Dressed in a face mask and gloves and obviously Asian, I was out walking Napoleon, and he decided to poop in the middle of a clear, empty, wide open sidewalk.

She then went on to describe what has happened:

I’m normally very vigilant of my surroundings, but I couldn’t see anything while I was bent over picking up his poop.

That’s when someone took the opportunity to run up and smash really hard into us and KICK NAPOLEON. My senior, 11.5-year-old baby.

Napoleon screamed. The person kept walking without reacting to anything I said to them.

She also explained why she preferred to not go after the attacker:

Had I been alone, maybe I would have gone after them, but my dog’s safety was paramount and I needed to get us out of that situation ASAP.

We are both physically ok but mentally shaken up (sorry about my crying on Stories earlier, it was so unexpected).

In my last post about the racism I’ve experienced during this virus hysteria, I expressed gratitude that at least I wasn’t assaulted. I guess I can’t claim that anymore.

She also ranted about Trump’s latest tweets:

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Trump just tweeted yesterday that coronavirus is a “Chinese virus”. That sort of racism, xenophobia, and fear-mongering for the last four years have made people’s lives worse and worse.


Grey is currently on voluntary quarantine in her Brooklyn home to protect herself and others from spreading COVID-19.

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