Man Traps Dog in a Room and Forces His GF To Sexually Violate The Dog, Gets Away With It

Man Traps Dog in a Room and Forces His GF To Sexually Violate The Dog, Gets Away With It |

Frederick Manzanares locked up his dog inside of his motor home and abused the dog in the most terrible of ways. The dog was left incredibly traumatized that he had to be put down.

The owners trapped the dog in what is a ‘Sex chamber” and, along with his girlfriend, proceeded to violate the dog sexually in what could only be described as a vile and a twisted display of depravity.

Fredrick truly is a psychopath, and even his mugshot shows him smiling as if proud by his actions. The man’s twisted smile should have enough evidence to give him the most terrible punishment the laws could give him.

Unfortunately, the dog was damaged beyond repair at this point. He was indeed brought to a shelter where volunteers and staff tried to do the impossible and reverse the damage done to him, but they were simply unable to treat him to a point where he could be up for adoption. The dog has been so traumatized that he was only a shadow of his past self, and despite the shelter’s belief in that every dog can get a second chance in life, this one was the exception, and at the end, they had to put Bubba, the dog, down.

Even worse, the man confessed that his girlfriend refused to commit the acts with the dog, so he forced her to do so.

Man Traps Dog in a Room and Forces His GF To Sexually Violate The Dog, Gets Away With It |

According to reports, however, it didn’t seem that he had to try very hard.  She said that she was “somewhat jealous” that her boyfriend had such a strong bond with Bubba, the dog.

Solano’s jealousy grew as she discovered more bestiality images on their shared laptop. She already knew that he was into this alternative sexual lifestyle, but she did not know that he was obsessed with it. When she confronted him about the images, he urged her to have an “open mind” and to try the act with him, promising her that she was going to like it. Because she was so jealous of the dog, she decided to join him in raping the dog.

According to the police, Manzanares sprayed hormones near the Siberian husky to arouse the dog’s desires.

While both humans have been arrested and charged with misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty, the dog has been euthanized. The trauma that they put the dog through made it unadoptable by animal rescue standards. Nevertheless, Colorado goes easy on people like these as was evident when they were not charged with felonies.

Manzanares got sentenced to six months in prison and will be on probation for two years.

An absolutely unacceptable punishment in my personal opinion, but what about you? What do you think should’ve been their punishment?

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