Mama Dog Has Litter of Puppies in Snowdrift Has Miraculously Kept Them Alive – Rescuers Had No Idea How She Did it!

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The discovery f a mama dog and her 6 puppies in a northern Minnesota snowdrift has left everyone shocked they even survived this cold.

The dog, now called Snowbelle, was found with the puppies by a concerned family, who drove them to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue Shelter on the south shore of Lower Red Lake.

The Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue center published the story on Facebook;

Snowbelle had her litter of 6 puppies in a snowdrift this winter. A concerned family drove her and her babies to the Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue shelter.

Credit: Red Lake Rosie Center

They were very hungry and mama Snowbelle had no milk to give them.

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