Egyptian Jeweler Douses Mama Dog in Acid Because He “Doesn’t Want Those Dogs In Front of His Store”

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I can never fully grasp the extent of human cruelty and violence against poor animals. There is nothing in the world that can justify some of the horrific crimes committed by some evil people in this world.

Today’s story comes from Egypt, where stray dogs are a very real problem and the government doesn’t know how to handle it. The story is about a very lovely dog called “Maut”.

Maut is a stay dog that lived on the streets of Cairo. She has done her best in life trying to navigate the unwelcoming neighborhoods of the megacity until she one day suffered cruelty beyond words.

According to locals, Maut has stayed in the same spot for a couple of days. This spot was one the opposite street of a Jewelry store. She stayed there with her 8 young puppies, feeding and taking care of them.

The reason she probably stayed there was that some of the kind-hearted locals and workers in the shops nearby brought her leftovers so she and her puppies can live on.

A guard also kept checking on her and made sure no one harmed her or her puppies. Unfortunately, they were not there all the time, so the girl was left to fend for herself most of the time.

What Maut didn’t know was that the neighborhood she stayed in, a neighborhood called “Misr Elgedida”, where stray dogs were frowned upon.

The heartless store owner has then decided that the girl is “hurting the store image” and shouldn’t stay there, so he went ahead and grabbed the acid used in his store to melt jewelry with and doused the poor dog in it!

There are just no words to describe how an absolutely horrific crime this is! The agonizing pain she must have been in!

Still, she refused to leave and stayed to take care of her puppies. She stayed days, still going

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