Los Angeles Pet Store Employee Filmed Grabbing Dog By Its Neck Before Throwing It on The Floor

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Royce was so disturbed by what had just happened that she immediately uploaded the video to Twitch while the other people at the store rushed to check on the poor dog.

The dog was sitting under something visibly hurt and unable to move or respond. He slowly leaned his head to the side and laid down still.

As for the store, Bark n’ B-tches , they have issued a cold-hearted apology trying to claim that it’s a “one-time thing”

We will not tolerate this or any actions that put our rescues in harm’s way, The appropriate actions are being taken. This is NOT what we stand for”

According to the Store, they claim that the dog later finally recovered and that she was taken to the vet to be taken care of.

The store issued an another statement later, see it and the video next.

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