Los Angeles Pet Store Employee Filmed Grabbing Dog By Its Neck Before Throwing It on The Floor

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Bark n’ B-tches is an LA dog boutique that markets itself as “America’s first humane pet shop”, but the recent video that surfaced shows that this is not the case at all.

The video of one of the store’s employees grabbing a dog by the neck and throwing it into the floor has shocked all pet lovers who have seen it.

A Customer was there at the moment of the incident and caught it on film by a stroke of luck as she was going live on Twitch.

The video starts with a fairly benign scene of rescued dogs and patrons mailing about the Fairfax neighborhood store.

Moments in the video, a small dog breaks out, causing some of the other dogs to follow him and start yelping and barking.

One of the employees yells

Hey, cut it out. Stop!”

he’s fighting with everyone.

She then proceeds to grab the dog by its neck, lifting it up from the group

Before heartlessly throwing the dog away

Her actions shocked everyone watching.

Oh my god!

Screamed one of the witnesses. Consumers started whispering after the incident.

The dog basically got launched from its head, and it was upside down in the air, and came down on its head,

 Royce Thomas

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