Is The System Going To Sacrifice The Elderly People To Coronavirus Just To Save The Economy and Young​ People?

Is The System Going To Sacrifice The Elderly People To Coronavirus Just To Save The Economy and Young​ People? |

As President Donald Trump pushed to re-open the US economy in weeks, rather than months, even while the death toll is still rising from the coronavirus, but, because he is anxious about how this coronavirus pandemic affects the US economy.

“We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself,” “This was a medical w problem, we are not going to it turn into a long-lasting financial problem.”, he said.
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A lot of news started to take the same direction, like the lieutenant governor of Texas, Dan Patrick, who, according to Fox News, argued that he, as a senior citizen, would rather take a chance on his survival than see the US economy gets damaged, and he is sure a lot of senior citizens would be willing to do the same, as well!

“Don’t sacrifice the country,” Dan Patrick said. “Don’t do that.”

And now, Glenn Beck (Host), says that he is 56, and “even if we all get sick, I would rather die than kill the country. ‘Cause it’s not the economy that’s dying, it’s the country.” he said.

Then, we also started to see some weird news around the world, starting from Spain; where a group of about 50 stone-throwing young people targeted ambulances carrying about 28 elderly coronavirus patients and insulted them while they were being moved to a residence in their town.

And according to The Local, the police said that they started throwing objects from nearby rooftops, too, including “flammable material”, too!

Accordingly, some nursing home staff in Spain, abandoned dying elderly patients just for the sake of keeping themselves safe and avoid getting Coronavirus. They let them fight for themselves as long as they can, according to the American Web Media.

And Italy, too, recently. announced that sometimes they are forced to make judgments based on who is expected to live longest if treated.

Last, but not least. This video, that is talking about how life will be better without baby boomers, and how they will do much better if there were not any.

Credit: College Humor

Elderly people are more than 18 percent of the US Labor force, and even if not, they are still people, they are someone’s dad, mom, and grandparents. Coronavirus will not be a problem one day, and we will find the cure. But the real problem now is that we need to pay more attention to is the prejudice against elderly people, and how we need to know how to raise our kids to respect them.

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