How to Travel with A Dog: The Best Practices

how to travel with a dog
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Dog parents want to travel at times but how do they travel especially when they have their furry friend. They want to know how to travel with a dog?

What are the safety requirements that dog parents should follow to ensure their dog’s safety and enjoy their time with them.

Here are the best practices when traveling with your dog.

How to travel with a dog in a car

how to travel with a dog
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To travel with your dog, you have to ensure their safety at all times during dog car travel.

To do so their are certain tips that you have to follow so your dog stays safe.

Your dog shouldn’t roam in the car

One of the safest ways when traveling with your dog is that you have to use a crate.

The crate has to be placed using restraints and seat belts to prevent your dog from roaming in the car and prevent distractions.

Keep your dog on the backseat

Don’t let your dog sit on the front seat. If they sit in the front seat, they may become injured if a car crash happens.

This is regardless of whether your dog is in a crate or not.

Always keep their head inside

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Keep your dog’s head inside so they don’t become injured by debris and dirt particles or have a cold enter their lungs making them sick.

Also, they could get eye injuries so it is important to keep their head inside and not out of the window.

And if it happens that you have an open truck, never put your dog in the back of an open truck. This can lead to extreme injuries and , in some cases, death.

Give your dog stops to rest

By giving your dog stops to rest, they will become energized and tire less from being sited in a long period of time.

Also by giving them a rest from the car trip, you allow your dog to eliminate and exercise their bodies.

A very important tip is that you got to never let your dog leave the car without an ID, collar, or leash.

This is very important so your dog doesn’t run away or get lost.

Don’t forget to clean up after your dog.

Prevent car sickness

You could also prevent car sickness using several best practices such as not feeding your dog before a car trip or a few hours before.

You have to feed them early several hours before the car trip.

As for exercise, you have to also exercise them several hours before leaving. Mainly , because your dog can become thirsty and hot from the exercise.

They may also have an urgency to potty because they drank a huge amount of water after the walk.

Don’t let your children tease your dog

By nature, car trips are long and may be boring for everyone.

Thus, it is important to not let your children tease your dog causing them annoyance and frustration.

Have someone with you along the trip

By bringing someone with you along the way, you will have time to rest from driving and rest for a while.

You will also have someone who will keep an eye on your dog at all times when you leave for getting food or go to the bathroom.

Never leave your dog inside the car alone

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Leaving your dog in the car is very dangerous. It can lead to organ damage in dogs and ,in some cases, death.

Even when you think that you are not going to be away for long, you may end up getting stuck in something along the way.

Also, the temperature inside the car is always different than the temperature outside.

For example, if the temperature is 72 degrees Fahrenheit, it will become 116 degrees within an hour.

You can see how it has became very hot in just an hour.

The only way to leave your dog is if you have someone with you who can stay with your dog while you are away.

How to travel with a dog in a plane

How to travel with a dog
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It isn’t always easy bringing dog on plane. Dogs flying on planes may be an experience that makes dogs afraid and scared of being in an airplane.

However, if there is no other way, then this is the only way to travel and you will need to keep your dog safe too during the trip.

There are tips to do before you travel in a plane with your dog and during the air travel.

Visit your dog vet before traveling with a dog in a plane

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When traveling with your dog on a plane, plan to go to the vet before the travel.

There are certain requirements in order for your dog to travel:

  • A dog must have a certification of health provided no more than 10 days before the air travel.
  • It is required that your dog has a rabies and vaccination certificates.
  • Your dog has to be at least 8 weeks old and weaned.

Verify your dog’s ability to fly

You have to know whether it is safe for your dog to fly in the plane.

Are they afraid so they need a tranquilizer to calm down? If so, you should give them a tranquilizer.

Also make sure to check the temperature of the flight from the starting destination to the end of the destination.

Is it suitable for your dog? It may be too hot or cold for your dog.

Take care of the airline regulations

All airlines have different variations on regulations and services that they provide for your dog.

Thus, it is important to know the requirements. An example would be that some airlines provide certain specifications for the crate.

if your dog’s crate doesn’t meet the requirements, the airline may not allow it.

There are also restrictions on the number of pets that enter the airplane; a certain number is accepted only.

So you got to be quick in your reservation as it depends on who comes first.

Take precaution of the dangers of flying your dog in cargo

Federal regulations prohibit shipping pets as cargo when temperatures are either to low or too high.

As a general rule, your dog shouldn’t travel if temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit or above 85 degrees Fahrenheit for more than four hours.

This is so your dog doesn’t get harmed in any way. Some dogs are injured, killed, or lost when traveling in cargo.

The reasons are either the rise or drop in temperatures, poor ventilation, and rough handling of pets.

Always choose the cabin instead of the cargo

You have to make sure whether you are traveling internationally with a dog or domestically that your dog is next to you in the cabin.

The cargo isn’t a safe option for your dog as they can get injured, killed, or get lost.

Practice getting your dog comfortable with their carrier

how to travel with a dog
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In order for this to happen, you got to get your dog comfortable with their carrier. To do so, you have to introduce your dog to the carrier.

This happens through luring your dog inside of the carrier through treats and toys while you are at home.

You can also practice getting your dog comfortable through taking the carrier to places before traveling with your dog.

Restrict food and go for a long walk before bringing dog on plane

Before 12 to 24 hours, give your dog less access to food so your dog will be less likely to eliminate while traveling.

Also take your dog out for a walk before you travel with them so they have a chance to eliminate freely.

How to travel with a dog in a train

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Not all trains are the same when it comes to rules for dogs. An example is Amtrak which allows some dogs on the train and all service dogs on the train.

There are some local U.S trains that allow for dogs to be on board.

As for Europe, there are many trains that allow for dogs to board on trains.

It is the dog parents responsibility to feed and exercise their dog during train stops.

How to travel with a dog in a boat

how to travel with a dog
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The final practice on how to travel with a dog involves boating.

Boating is a new experience for many dogs. So you need to put a flotation vest on your dog in case your dog falls in the water.

Even though dogs are natural swimmers, they will become tired at a certain time.

Flotation vests are important for dogs who have seizures and other medical problems.

Many dogs get sunburned while they are on the boat so you need to put on them sunscreen so they don’t get sunburned.

Consult with your vet about the best type of sunscreen that you will use.

Provide your dog with plenty of water and shade for them to drink and stay in so they stay hydrated.

Even though dogs don’t sweat, you will need to constantly watch your dog for signs of overheating such as panting and drooling.


How to travel with a dog needs to be in the safest way possible for you and your dog.

Traveling with dogs is easy if you follow certain practices.

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Share your experience with us. How was trips with pets like? What safety measures did you do?

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