How to Safely Go Biking with Your Dog?

Riding a bike could be so much fun, but what if we were able to take our dogs with us as well? I did some research on how we can bike with our dogs and discovered a great way that will make us able to do that.

So, how can you go biking with your dog? One great way can take your dog biking with you is by putting them in a type of backpacks that are made specifically for dogs. This backpack is a safe and comfortable option that is going to allow you to go biking with your beloved dog.

These backpacks are great for dogs who are small and medium in size. But how does someone figure out which backpack is the best for their dog in terms of size and comfort?

Safely biking with your dog

Have you seen this video of the guy who was biking while his dog was running next to him, then a piece of glass injured his four-legged best friend? This made the guy create some sort of a backpack, so he could safely carry his dog while he is biking.

What makes these backpacks that allow you to carry your dog’s with while biking so unique is the sense of safety they provide for you.

Did you know that it is actually dangerous to walk your dog on a leash while your biking? First of all, not all dogs are capable of keeping up with their parents and are often running with their tongues hanging out and looks that show that they’re about to pass out of exhaustion.

Also, your dog’s collar could get snacked, or the leash could get tangled up in something. And, if your dog start running a head of your or behind you, they could get hurt.

The backpack is great because it keeps your dog safe, and you could feel them on your back at all times. Other methods do exist, but I find this is one to be the safest.

For example, if you put your dog in the bike’s basket, any sudden movement you make might shift the weight of the bike ( depending on your dog’s weight, which could to both of you getting hurt.

The bike trailers might seem like a safer option than the bike’s basket, but your beloved doggo is out of sight. If something bad happens, you might not notice it. That’s why this innovative invention sounds like the best choice for bikers who want to take their dogs biking with them

Getting your dog’s measurements

Before you get a backpack for your dog, you’ll have to measure them first. The two things that you’re going to measure are the following:

  1. Your dog’s length
  2. Your dog’s girth

To measure these two aspects correctly, follow these two simple instructions:

  1. To get your dog’s length, just measure the area that begins where their collar is to the base of their wiggly tail.
  2. To get your dog’s girth, you’ll have to measure your dog’s chest at their widest area.

Now that you have your dog’s measurements, go look up the sizing chart of the backpack you plan on getting.

Here is a secret tip for you:

Because sizing charts aren’t always the best way to ensure that you’re going to get a backpack that is going to fit your dog perfectly, then make sure that the company you’re purchasing the backpack from has a flexible return policy.

That flexible return policy should allow you to exchange your purchased backpack with one that fits your beloved dog better.

How to get your dog inside the backpack?

The easiest way to get your dog inside one of those backpacks is probably the ” On the Ground” method. Note that the steps will vary depending on the type of backpack you get, but you’ll get the general picture if you follow these steps.

  1. Open the bag and place it on the ground.
  2. Clip the carabiner into your dog’s collar.
  3. Now, you’ll put your dog inside the unzipped backpack.
  4. Insert your dog’s arms into their openings in the bag.
  5. Now, clip your dog’s collar to the D ring using the carabiner.
  6. If the pack has openings for your dog’s legs and tail as well, then go ahead and insert them into their openings as well.
  7. Next, wrap up the collar enclosure part of the backpack around your dog’s neck and clip. ( Make it snug, but avoid suffocating your dog.)
  8. Make sure that your dog body is entirely ticked it, and zip up the backpack.
  9. Also, be careful while zipping that none of your dog’s hair gets caught in the zippers.
  10. Fasten and tighten whatever safety straps that’s in the backpack.
  11. Depending on which backpack you get, there might be more safety features that you’ll need to fasten, tighten, and clip.

Three important features to look for in the backpack?

The three important features that you should look for in these backpacks are:

  1. It should be made of a breathable material.
  2. It should have adjustable straps.
  3. It should have safety features.

The breathable material is important because it is going to allow the air to circulate to prevent the heat from building up inside the backpack.

Adjustable straps are so important because they allow you to reduce the amount of pressure being exerted on your back.

A safety features like a zipper fail safe is very important. Also, make sure that your dog isn’t choking when they’re inside the backpack.

Some backpacks are poorly designed that some dogs often end up choking so make sure you read the backpack’s reviews regarding it being safe before purchasing it.

How often should you give your dog a break from the backpack?

Yes, your dog must get frequent breaks from the backpack. Whether it is for them to replenish their thirst or just to stretch, it is still important nevertheless.

biking with your dog

If the weather was generally not so warm, then you let out your from the backpack for every forty-five minutes they sit in it.

You’ll have to increase the frequency during warmer weathers to make sure they’re hydrated. Instead of carrying a bowl with you, consider fetting your dog a water bottle that they can drink directly from.

If you’re interested in something like that, then check out our The Antibacterial Portable Dog Water Bottle that Doesn’t Leak!

Also, consider using an icepack in the backpack to keep them cool during the warm weather.

Is it safe to put my dog in a specialized backpack while I am biking?

Most of these backpacks are designed to provide you and your dog with maximum comfortability and safety. However, note that any outdoor activity comes with risks, and carrying extra weight on your back could increase the level of the associated risks. Here are some things that you should be aware of:

  • Avoid distorting your balance by not making any sudden changes
  • Don’t go biking with your dog in the backpack if you’re feeling sick and lacking energy.
  • Don’t put your dog in such a backpack if they’re injured or if they have an anomaly in their bone structure.
  • If your dog suffers from any of the following, then don’t use one of the backpacks:
    • Glaucoma
    • Heart issues
    • Lung issues
    • Neck injuries
    • Back injuries
    • Abdominal injuries
  • Also, don’t put them in the backpack anytime within twenty-fours of their surgeries if they were sedated for them.
  • Don’t use the backpack if your dog is still in their healing period post getting an orthopedic surgery.
  • Depending on your dog’s breed, your monitoring will differ.
    • For example, dogs who have long legs or who are heavy must get a lot of breaks
    • Shorter dogs are probably going to require their backpacks to have extra padding on the bag’s floor.
    • Dogs with wide torsos will need to be monitored more heavily.
  • Make sure you consult your dog’s veterinarian about these backpacks before purchasing one.
  • Avoid using these backpacks for long durations on warm days and when the sun is strongest during the day.
  • Take frequent breaks to stand in the shade and to give your dog water to drink.

Other ways to take your dog biking with you

Can I put my dog inside by bike’s basket when I go biking?

Some people put their dogs in their bike’s baskets to keep their dogs safe. Of course, this method is only suitable for dog breeds who are small in size.

It takes some time to train your dog to sit in the basket, but it is not impossible, and soon you’ll both be enjoying taking nice bike rides together.

biking with your dog

Can I use a bicycle trailer to take my dog biking with me?

Yes, of course, you can. Some people don’t like this method cause they can’t see their dog or even feel them on the back. I wouldn’t personally do it, but it is another option that enables you to take your dog biking with you.

biking with your dog

To get your dog used to it, you’ll use the same methods as in crate training your dog. Leave the bicycle trailer open and put some treats inside. Then, give them a kong toy to play with while they’re inside of it while the trailer is closed.

It is going to take time, and you’ll have to start by going on short trips at first and gradually increasing your time afterward. However, it is an option that actually works. If you want to read more about those tips in details, then make sure you checkout my How to Crate Train A Dog | The Ultimate Guide blog post.

That’s it for today’s post. You should know now how to take your dog biking with you. If you have any questions related to this topic, or if you’re interested in sharing your biking with your dog experiences, then feel free to do so by replying to us in the comments section down below.

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