How to Keep A Dog Cool Outside And Avoid A Heat Stroke

How to Keep A Dog Cool Outside

Many dog parents are afraid that their dogs may become inflicted with a heat stroke while they are outside. So questions often pop into their minds like how to keep a dog cool outside and avoid a heat stroke?

Or what tips that will help keep a dog cool outside while they are outside? All these questions are important so you, as a dog parent, know how to deal with the situation when your dog temperature is rising and you need to calm them down.

Symptoms of a heatstroke

Watch out for initial heat stroke symptoms. Watch out for early signs for heat strokes such as:

  • Excessive or loud panting
  • Extreme thirst
  • Frequent vomiting
  • Thick saliva
  • Bright red tongue and pale gums
  • Increased heart rate

Signs of worsening of heatstroke:

  • Increased difficulty breathing
  • Disorientation
  • Collapse or coma

Tips on how to keep a dog cool outside and avoid a heat stroke

You can know a dog’s temperature by measuring it. A dog’s temperature is normally between 99.5 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. A dog’s temperature is high when it is 103 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. A temperature of 109 Fahrenheit is usually fatal.

1.) Remove your dog from the heat

Move your dog indoors to an air conditioned area. If there are no air conditioner, then move your dog to a shaded area. Also, you will need to stop your dog’s activity levels at that point so they can relax and their body’s temperature drops down.

If you can, then carry your dog to a cool place rather than asking them to walk.

2.) Give your dog water to drink

Let your dog drink water when it is cool. If your dog seems uninterested in water, you can cool down chicken or beef broth and give it to your dog.

Never force feed your dog water when you want to give them water. Just wet their lips, gums, and tongue with water squeezed from a towel or a piece of cloth.

3.) Cool down your dog with water

How to Keep A Dog Cool Outside
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Cool down your dog through putting water over their bodies from a water hose. Don’t put water over your dog’s head as it can quickly make them lose their temperature.

Make sure the water isn’t cold because very cold or ice water can slow the dog’s cooling process.

You can also cool down places such as paws and tail through putting water over the areas.

4.) Put a cooling pack over your dog’s head

Place a cooling pack over your dog’s head but don’t leave it for more than a few minutes. It will help lower your dog’s temperature.

How to prevent a heat stroke from happening to your dog

1.) Never leave your dog in a car

Sometimes carelessness of a dog parent may cause heat strokes in dogs. So the best action is to never leave your dog in a hot car for their temperature will rise and they ultimately will have a heat stroke from the summer heat.

Due to the hot weather, it is best advisable if you are going to leave your dog in the car is to provide them with air and make it quick.

There is another way if you are going to leave your dog in the car and that is that you get a temperature monitor that keeps track of the temperature inside and alerts your phone when conditions become dangerous.

2.) Groom your dog

How to Keep A Dog Cool Outside And Avoid A Heat Stroke |

There are dogs with long and thick fur. If you have a dog with long or thick fur, the best option is to shave your dog. It is best recommended that ,during hot weather and seasons, you shave your dog with a groomer.

3.) Leave your dog inside during hot days

During hot days, you got to leave your dog inside so they don’t have high temperatures in their bodies and become overheated.

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Have you ever had a dog who is so overheated and feeling hot? Dogs , by nature, love to run and play endlessly but it can come with a cost when your dog starts to become tired and overheated from the hot weather.

Dog Cooling Vest

how to keep a dog cool outside

The solution is the Dog Cooling Vest which is a safe and cool alternative for keeping your dog’s temperature down during the summer.

Being made from breathable polyester and polyester mesh, it also features gel pack inserts in the chest panel making it more suitable for your dog needs.

So what other benefits does the Dog Cooling Vest offer?

1.) It features three different cooling packs each having a special cooling gel that works to make your dog feel the breeze and cool down.

2.) It also fits dogs of different ages and sizes so size is not a problem because necks and straps are adjustable.

3.) The final benefit is that it is strong and will endure anything that your dog has to throw at it.

Mainly the Dog Cooling Vest will help in how to keep a dog cool outside. It will do so using the gel fitted cooling packs. This packs are put in the freezer and then they are stick back to the vest to let your dog feel the breeze.

Outdoor Drinking Water Fountain for Dogs

How to Keep A Dog Cool Outside And Avoid A Heat Stroke |

Because your dog will keep playing and running endlessly, you will need to give your dog drinking water so they stay hydrated and don’t suffer from a heat stroke. This water will provide your dog with what they need at all times.

So what are the benefits of the Outdoor Drinking Water Fountain for Dogs?

With this Outdoor Drinking Water Fountain, you will save time and effort by your dog easily finding a place to drink from on their own. Also, it is easy to install and features a high quality material that prevents leakage of water.

It can be easily connected to a tap or hose in your backyard or inside your house.

With the Outdoor Drinking Water Fountain for Dogs, you can guarantee that your dog will never be thirsty when playing outdoors.

Because of the freshness and cleanliness of the water, your dog will remain hydrated and healthy. Thus, your dog’s wellbeing is our top priority.


In conclusion, how to keep a dog cool outside needs you to follow certain tips that help make your dog cool down. Also, there are other tools that will help your dog to cool down.

These tools will help keep your dog hydrated and cooled down during the summer and hot weather.

To know more about tips on how to cool off a dog, check Best Tips on How to Cool Off A Dog .

Share your opinion with us. Which tip works better when you apply it to your dog?


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