How to Get Dog Hair Off Blankets

Having one of ‘man’s best friend’ as a companion to you is a great pleasure. Having a dog won’t only fill your heart with joy and happiness it will also have a lot of positive impact on your life;

Improving your social interaction with others, reduce the stress you got from our hectic everyday life, and most importantly, add to our lives meaning and reason to keep going on.

How to Get Dog Hair Off Blankets

As raising a pet(especially a dog)comes with a lot of benefits to our lives, it brings responsibilities along with it and some undesirable things we need to take care of.

How to get dog hair off blankets is one of these bothering that dog owners always have. Dogs hair on everything is a nuisance to every pet parent especially if you or any of your family members have an allergic reaction towards your pooch’s coat.

So, here are some simple ways to get rid of the excess hair out of your blankets for good.

How to Get Dog Hair Off Blankets: Easy Ways for Cleaning

Detaching hair out of your blankets is not so hard but it requires settling on the most suitable approach for you to get the results you want. Some material would be cleaned easier than others, so be sure to do your research about that matter.

Lint Remover

Lint remover is used to get rid of grimes and lint out of clothes. It could be used for cleaning pets hair too.

Before using the lint roller, shake the blanket to get most of the dust and pets hair off it. Then, lay the blanket on the ground. Start to roll the blanket and keep doing it until the adhesive tape is full of hair.

Change the adhesive tape with another one and continue rolling the blanket until the blanket is fully clean.

Lint brush

How to Get Dog Hair Off Blankets

Using a brush is similar to the roller in its mechanism. Only instead of rolling the lint remover with adhesive tape, you will brush the blanket until it gets totally clean. Some favor the brush to the roller as the roller tape is kind of expensive.

How to Get Dog Hair Off Blankets: DIY Lint Roller

If you prefer using the roller but the cost is the only thing stopping you from using it regularly, here is a relatively cheap alternative. Manufacture your own lint roller with these DIY steps;

Get a cylindrical object, you may get a cardboard duct or dowel with suitable circumference to successfully eliminate hair off. Too small tube won’t efficiently get rid of the hair or dust particles. Keep in mind to get a fitting duct to do the job perfectly.

Obtain any kind of tape to replace the adhesive tape of the lint roller. Getting the wide rolls will make the job so much easier for you. Almost all kinds of tape will be okay to use but the painter’s tape or as commonly known as masking tape is the closest thing to the sticky tape of the lint roller.

If your tape doesn’t provide a cutting tool, you will need to bring scissors.

Pull the tape for about 12 cm and don’t cut it from the roll, then, leave a little space at the beginning of the tube and start to carefully wrap the tape around the tube in a spiral moves( sticky side is out) and make sure the tape is overlapping the end the previous turn every time.

When you reach the other end, it’s time to cut the tape from the roller. If the tape was loose and didn’t stick to the roller, use a little piece of tape to fix the tape to the tube. Now your roller is ready to be used!

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are another way to get rid of dogs hair out off the blankets. Wear them and start to wipe all over the blanket with them. if you find a spot where the hair is not coming out, soak the gloves in water and start to wipe again.

Use gloves that have little nubs in it. The little nubs will help in removing more hair as the friction force increases. Don’t forget to wipe the hair off the gloves after every round with them on the blanket. Keep a towel or an old cloth beside you when you are cleaning the blankets to wipe the gloves in.

Washing The Blankets and Using The Vacuum Cleaner

Regular washing is also another way to get rid of your pet’s hair off the blankets. After a usual washing cycle, rinse the blankets for one more time to ensure the removal of the hair. Before washing, set the washing machine on dry or heat-on mode to loosen the hair and facilitates its removal.

One of the strongest ways to get rid of hair off blankets is using the vacuum cleaner. It is an ideal choice to get the hair off quickly and for large areas not just for blankets.


Here are some of the easiest ways to remove your dog’s hair off the blankets. Choose whatever suits you the best and works efficiently with your needs. Share with us what was the most successful way you used to get rid of your pet’s hair of the blankets, and the breed of your lovely pet.

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