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How to Cool Your Dog Down in Simple Steps

how to cool down your dog
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Dogs during the summer may become afflicted with a heat stroke. Their body temperature rise during the hot weather. So what should you do. Here are top steps on how to cool your dog down.

These steps will help cool and lower your dog’s temperature.

Signs of overheating in dogs

The signs of overheating in dogs

  • Lots of panting or rapid breathing
  • Vomiting and blood diarrhea
  • non-expressive eyes often glazed in appearance
  • Excessive thirstiness
  • Weakness and collapse
  • Gums or tongue that are either dark or bright red
  • Increased body temperature
  • Seizures
  • Your dog becoming unconscious
  • Increased pulse or heartbeat
  • Lots of drooling

Look out for these symptoms when you are looking for a dog who is overheated. Dogs who are overheated have an increased risk of life threatening conditions. Also, you need to know how to cool your dog down.

Causes of overheating of your dog

How to cool your dog down

Leaving your dog in a car for a long period of time will definitely cause them to become overheated and definitely have a heatstroke. It is thus important to never leave your dog in a hot car because they may develop life threatening conditions.

Another cause of overheating in dogs is humid conditions. Humid conditions makes the hot weather unbearable for dogs. As a result, they become overheated and their body temperature rises.

The third cause is obesity. If your dog is obese, chances are that their body temperature will rise easily. This happens because of the fats stored inside the body.

The fourth cause is overexertion. In overexertion, your dog becomes overexerted with exercise that makes them very thirsty.

Some dogs are at a high risk of heat related illness including brachycephalic breeds. These are breeds with flat faces and short noses; they experience difficulty breathing. As a result, they become overheated easily.

Also, pets who are older and small in age such as kittens and puppies are the most susceptible to overheating.

Another cause is extreme active breeds such as German Shepherds and Retrievers. These breeds are at risk due to their high energy levels that makes them so active. As a result, they become overheated easily.

How to cool down a dog in simple steps

1.) Put your dog in a cool bath or hose your dog with a garden hose.

how to cool your dog down

When you put your dog in a cool bath, they are more likely to become cooled down. As their temperature will fall down.

This is because the water cools down your dog. Make sure to not use cold ice water as this can be life threatening to your dog. It may cause death to your dog.

2.) Offer your dog water to drink

how to cool your dog down

Offer your dog water to drink so they can stay hydrated. This will keep your dog feeling refreshed but unfortunately it will not lower their temperature.

Don’t force your dog to drink water as this will be forceful to your dog.

3.) Get your dog into the vet

Put your dog into the car and head to the vet. Call your vet on the way to know what you are supposed to do with your dog to save their life.

4.) Run your air conditioner with the windows down

The evaporation helps to lower warm body temperatures of your dog. This will help cool your dog down.

Another process on how to cool your dog down

1.) Move your dog to a shady area immediately

This area must be cool where there may be an air conditioner or it may have shade make your dog’s body temperature drop down.

2.) Use a rectal thermometer to measure your dog’s temperature

By doing so, you ensure that you know your dog’s body temperature so you can take any additional action if your dog is in danger.

Any temperature that is higher than 106 degrees will cause a heat stroke to your dog.

3.) Let your dog cool down through watering their coat

Let your dog dip themselves in water through either a pool or a water hose. Sprinkle the water all over their body except their head.

4.) Let your dog drink water

Let your dog drink water so they can stay hydrated and don’t suffer from a heatstroke. However, don’t force your dog to drink water because it may enter their lungs instead when swallowed wrongly.

5.) Go to the vet immediately with your dog

how to cool your dog down
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Get your dog to the vet immediately. Call on your way if there are any further instructions to do before arriving to the vet.

How to prevent overheating in dogs

Never leave your dog in a hot car

When the car isn’t parked in the shade or windows are down, your dog will suffer from a heatstroke. The temperature inside the car surpasses the temperature outside the car.

As a result, your dog feels hot and they may have a heatstroke.

Exercise your dog in the cooler parts of the day

You got to exercise your dog during the cooler parts of the day . It is best to exercise your dog during the early mornings and evenings so they will avoid intense sunshine.

You can also consider exercising your dog in exercises involving water such as swimming and sprinkle play. As a result, this will make your dog’s temperature fall down so it will help on how to cool your dog down.

Give them plenty of water

When you give them plenty of water, they become hydrated and don’t have to feel thirsty. One of the best options for drinking water is a dog drinking fountain. This drinking water fountain prevents warm stagnant water from staying over.

Brush your dog’s coat regularly

Another important tip on how to your dog down cool is to groom your dog’s coat. If you are thinking about shaving your dog’s coat, it may not be the best option. The reason is that for some dogs, their fur works to cool down their bodies.

This is through the natural insulation that it has as a way to prevent overheating and matting. In return, it is easy to allow good air circulation into their coat.

Regular brushing can prevent overheating of your dog. Also, it prevents matting and offer good air circulation throughout the coat.

An overheated dog can cause your dog major problems so make sure that your dog doesn’t become overheated.

Other tips on how to avoid a heat stroke

Never leave your dog alone in a parked car

how to cool your dog down

You got to never leave your dog even for a minute in the car. On a warm day, the temperature may rise leaving your dog overheated.

Even if you leave the windows cracked down, it won’t help in dropping the temperature down.

Many states in America prohibit the act of leaving your dog in a car unattended when it is hot or cold.

Never exercise or walk your dog on hot pavement

The best time to exercise your dog is early in the morning or after sunsets. If you exercise your dog during the daylight, try as much as possible to let them stay in the shade so they don’t overheated and become inflicted with a heat stroke.

Also , try to not overdo or over exercise your dog to the point that they are very tired. This is so your dog stays healthy and doesn’t get a heat stroke from the hot weather.

Give your dog plenty of fresh water

Your dog can become dehydrated really quickly in the hot weather. This is the very reason that you must provide your dog with plenty of fresh water.

As a rule, a healthy dog should drink between 1/2 and 1 ounce of water per every pound of body weight.

Make sure to provide lots of shade for your dog while they are outside. Also, hose them with water to prevent overheating.

All these steps are important in preventing overheating in dogs which is a problem to many dog parents.


How to cool your dog down requires you following certain steps and tips. It is a process that is necessary for your dog’s life.

To know more about how to keep a dog cool outside, check How to Keep A Dog Cool Outside And Avoid A Heat Stroke.

Share your experience with us. Have you ever been in a situation where your dog’s body temperature was up? What did you do and Which of these steps did you follow?


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