Top 5 Steps on How Often to Brush Dogs Teeth that are Scared

how often to brush dogs teeth

Brushing your dog’s teeth requires time and patience. It is a great way to keep your dog’s gums and teeth healthy. How often to brush dogs teeth? There has been evidence that your dog’s health is linked to how often you brush their teeth.

But first, there are certain steps that you got to take when brushing your dog’s teeth.

You got to have different tools for brushing your dog’s teeth. These tools are

  • A toothbrush with medium bristles and being the correct size. It should suit based on size. For example, medium and large size dogs should have an adult size brush. While small dogs should have a child size brush. Finally, toy and miniature dogs should have small special pet toothbrush.
  • Pet toothpaste is important to use because it cleans a dog’s teeth. Do not use human toothpaste as it is harmful to dogs.
  • Wipes or pads can reduce bacteria and food. They are available at pet stores.

Tips when starting cleaning your dog’s teeth

  • Start out when your dog is a puppy to make brushing their teeth a normal part of their routine.
  • You got to keep the sessions short form a few seconds to minutes.
  • Pick a time in the day and make it constant everyday when brushing your dog’s teeth. It doesn’t matter what time of day is it.
  • Take care of your fingers when touching your dog’s mouth. Some dogs are aggressive by nature and may bite.
  • Make sure your dog learns each stage at their own pace. You got to repeat each stage so your dog can memorize it and make your dog comfortable with each stage.
  • Give your dog a lot of praise and treats after they are have waited patiently while their teeth were brushed.
  • Check on your dog by conducting exams and check-up on their teeth health.
  • Let your dog chew on toys that help clean up their teeth.

How often to brush dogs teeth?

how often to brush dogs teeth
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You should brush your dog’s teeth every day to keep plaque from forming. Plaque can then harden and form into tartar. All of which are harmful to your dog’s teeth. Plaque and tartar can lead to gum inflammation, bleeding, and tooth loss.

Brushing your dog’s teeth is a hard task but is needed so that you can get rid of the bacteria piling on your dog’s mouth.

Even if you clean your dog’s teeth daily, you should for ,at least once a year, let a doctor clean up your dog’s teeth. Under anesthetic, your doctor can effectively clean your dog’s teeth and clean the parts that you can not reach.

What happens if you don’t brush your dog’s teeth?

If you don’t brush your dog’s teeth, they may suffer from a disease called periodontal disease. Periodontal disease that involves the loss of tissue and loss of bone

surrounding the teeth. Signs that your dog has this disease include bad breath, loss of appetite, excessive whining, and gums that are reddened.

Treatment of periodontal disease is very expensive. If left untreated, infection of the bones may occur and it may travel into your dog’s organs.

5 Steps on how to brush your dog’s teeth when they are afraid

1.) Get a dog toothbrush and toothpaste

how often to brush dogs teeth
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You can buy these items at pet supply stores. Dog toothpaste comes in different flavors such as beef, chicken, and peanut butter. Don’t use human toothpaste as it is unhealthy for dogs.

The dog’s toothbrush is longer than a human toothbrush and is more curved. Another variation you can use for a toothbrush is a finger toothbrush. This is a toothbrush

that fits over your finger. Also, you can use a gauze wrapped around your finger. Although, both the gauze and finger toothbrush are not as effective as the dog’s toothbrush in removing plaque. It is better to use a dog’s toothbrush.

2.) Make your dog comfortable

how often to brush dogs teeth

Your dog is more likely to be confused when they are learning how to brush their teeth. The reason is that, at first, they don’t understand what is happening. Your dog

isn’t going to sit still at first so you can either assist yourself or get a helper to help you out. Make sure the environment is calm with no distraction so your dog calms down. Your helper may hold your dog while you brush your dog’s teeth.

Scared dogs need reassurance and need you to comfort them.

3.) Access your dog’s teeth

You got to wet the toothbrush and put in the toothbrush in toothpaste. Using one hand, lift your dog’s lip so you can see their teeth. If your dog doesn’t sit still, you got to tell him “wait” or

“no” as a way. When they are still, tell them things such as “You are a good boy”. Once they taste the dog’s toothpaste, they will become cooperative as they will taste toothpaste that tastes like flavors.

4.) Start brushing your dog’s teeth

Gently rub your dog’s teeth and gums with a brush. Make sure to brush the area where the tooth attaches to the gum since this area is where the plaque hides.

To brush your dog’s teeth, use a circular motion or back and forth just like you would brush your own teeth.

5.) Brush all your dog’s teeth

You got to brush all your dog’s teeth especially those at the back which are the molars. It is important to brush all teeth so your dog doesn’t develop periodontal disease.

You got to go through the top teeth and bottom teeth in a circular motion. Throughout cleaning your dog’s teeth, you got to put more toothpaste so you can brush your dog’s teeth effectively.

how often to brush dogs teeth is a daily task that should not be forgotten.


Brushing your dog’s teeth takes time and persistence. It is a task that requires patience and careful handling of your dog especially dogs who are afraid. How often to brush dogs teeth is linked to your dog’s dental health.

It is a new habit that dogs don’t know about so it is important to start out slowly and make your dog as comfortable as possible. You got to follow certain tips and steps when brushing your dog’s teeth when they are scared.

To know more about how to brush a dog’s teeth in general, check Top 9 Steps on How to Brush Dog’s Teeth


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