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Home Remedies for Fleas in Dogs

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Home remedies for fleas in dogs, Fleas can grow in winter inside the warm confines of a heated house. Whatever your pet is, if it has hair, it is likely to host fleas.

Know now that it can be remedied with natural means.

Home remedies for fleas in dogs

Because if there are radical means of action available in veterinarians and pharmacy, their potential for “treatment” extends well beyond the extermination of unwanted critters …

Dog Itching - the solution is home remedies for fleas in dogs

At best, a product to be poured between the shoulder blades of your pet will allow localized treatment, at worst, placing an insecticide bomb in your dwelling any bacteriological life may take a hard blow.

To have done it once I can assure that this solution is extremely unpleasant and anxiety.

In addition, after such interventions, as drastic as they are, the chips can still come back, or even develop biological resistance to the toxic assaults of the owners of their guests.

Home remedies for fleas for dogs

here are some natural, sustainable and non-toxic methods to prevent flea infestations and perform local treatment on the animal. Home remedies for fleas in dogs will also ensure the maintenance of good health and the absence of side effects in your pet, yourself and your home.

Herbal treatments against fleas:

  • Many herbs have active properties against fleas: rosemary, lavender, catnip, eucalyptus, chamomile, cedar, citronella …
  • The ways to use these plants range from the simple presence in the near environment to a cutaneous application on your pet. Examples:
  • take a handful of one of these plants, let them dry, and arrange them at the favorite spot of the animal;
  • make an infusion of rosemary and/or lavender, and once cooled, spray directly on your animal taking care to penetrate the liquid through the fur; Caution: never use an essential oil on a cat.
  • Sow chamomile around the house along the walls of the house, where your pet loves …

If the animal spends a lot of time outdoors, the presence of these plants will act as a natural repellent. It’s already that!

Against fleas, anti-mechanical chip treatment or anti-chemical chip treatment?

Home remedies for fleas in dogs or using anti-mechanical or anti-chip treatment?
Labrador puppy being checked over by a vet. Checking for fleas

Preventing or attacking, mechanical or chemical, there are several types of anti-chip treatments.

People who have experienced a flea infestation will advise you to use them all. Indeed, we tend to think that to get rid of fleas just treat his animal. This is false because it is the combination of mechanical and chemical treatments that will give the best results.

  even if you manage to eliminate adult fleas, they may have had time to spawn. Excellent hygiene is the base as much in prevention as in the phase of an attack.

Vacuum regularly from top to bottom with a proper vacuum cleaner, clean floors, skirting boards, carpets, sofa, bed linen, and cushion cover is essential to limit a possible proliferation.

Grooming your pet and bathing them if possible is also essential to be sure to get rid of these pests. You can learn how to bathe your dog to get rid of fleas here.

With regard to chemical anti-microchip treatments, insecticides in various forms are now commercially and veterinary available.

Pipette, spray, shampoo or tablet can help eliminate fleas but it will still be necessary to decontaminate his entire home at the same time.

At the same time, some animals do not support this type of chemical treatment. To protect them, prevent and treat continuously easily, there are several types of home chip remedies that can also be used.

home remedies for cat fleas

Now that you’re familiar with home remedies for fleas in dogs, it’s time to take care of your kitties as well!

Our grandmothers also had to fight fleas and protect their animals. If they also cleaned their homes carefully, they found some very interesting tips and anti-chips including the following:

  • Diatomaceous earth

An effective and inexpensive tip that can treat his pet but also his home. Very simple to use, the diatomaceous earth is in the form of a white powder to rest on the ground or to sprinkle on his animal before brushing it.

  • The essence of turpentine

Flea eggs, larvae and nymphs particularly like between the slats of the floors. Complicated areas to clean that may contain real colonies. To eliminate them, Grandma’s cure for cat fleas is that turpentine and rag can be used on the floor. The smell is very strong, ventilate the room for 24-48h and prevent the passage of animals

  • eucalyptus

Sanitizing and purifying, eucalyptus is reputed to be a good anti-parasite. Infuse some leaves in hot water for about ten minutes. Let cool before applying to your pet.

  • The trap of candle and water

To get rid of fleas easily, leave the night a burning candle in the middle of a hollow plate filled with water in a room.

  • Beer yeast

Beer yeast has many properties, including seemingly to scare off fleas. So you can mix 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon with your pet’s food. His coat will be more beautiful and fleas will avoid attacking him. Ask for the advice of your veterinarian.

Home remedies for fleas dogs

  1. The natural anti-chip collar

Using the anti-flea collar is a great way to keep pests away in a stable and durable way without having to put anything directly on the dog’s skin.


3 to 5 drops of essential oil of lavender, cedar, eucalyptus, lemon or peppermint

1 to 3 tablespoons of water

an unused bandanna or collar

a clean syringe/pipette


Dilute the drops of essential oil that you have chosen with the water. Note that some people use these pure drops, but it is better to dilute them in a minimum in water because they are very powerful and therefore potentially aggressive for sensitive skin.

Choose a bandana or a collar, knowing that the bandana is more effective than the necklace because it is easier to spread the preparation and you can attach it to your dog’s collar.

Apply 5 to 10 drops of the mixture (between 1/2 to 1 teaspoon) to the bandana previously folded taking care to distribute the drops well (or to do it gradually).

Finally, rub the fabric sides together to spread the product over the entire bandana. Then tie it around your dog’s neck.

You can keep this preparation and repeat the operation once a week.

  • Natural anti-chip drink

This drink can be used in addition to other natural anti-flea treatments. Although we are not used to giving our dog this type of mixture, it remains safe and brings many benefits: strengthens the dog’s hair, improves the natural protection of the skin, makes the dress shiny and keeps away fleas!


1 teaspoon white vinegar or apple cider vinegar

1 liter of drinking water


Give this water to drink to each of your dogs. As the water must remain “self-service”, you only need to know the amount of water in the bowl and adjust the dosage of the vinegar accordingly. For example 3 teaspoons for 3 liters of water. Renew the mixture each time you fill the bowl.

  • Natural anti-flea lotion

Limonene is an organic compound that has the power to kill fleas. Most essential oils contain it after distillation. Nevertheless, it is present in considerable quantity in the lemon from which it takes its name and generally in citrus fruits. Understand that lemon is THE anti-flea remedy of choice, which you can use in all sauces because it is safe for the animal. On the other hand, do not forget that the dog does not like its perfume which is very strong. It is also used as a natural repellent against dogs.

This is why it is used in a moderate way.


2 fresh lemons cut in slices

some water

3 to 5 drops of lemon essential oil (optional)


Bring a pan of water to a boil, then add your slices of lemon. Cover and let macerate for 12 hours. You will have a lotion that can be used in different ways.

  • Natural anti-chip spray


25 cl of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar or 50/50 of both

1 L of water

2 to 3 drops of lavender or cedar oil (optional)

  a sprayer


If the drops are not mandatory, they still give extra effectiveness to the remedy to act against fleas. Otherwise, you can use the recipe for the anti-flea lotion that I presented to you just before.

Once the ingredients are mixed, simply spray all the dog’s hair and taking care to avoid the face and sores.

For better penetration, do not hesitate to rub the hair of your dog. At the level of the face, prefer to vaporize it in your hand to rub it then being careful not to touch the mucous membranes, the eyes, and the ears.

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