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5 Hairless Cat Breeds that Can Definitely Steal Your Heart

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Maybe hairless cat breeds are not as fluffy as your normal long haired ones, but who said they are not just as cute?

well for some, they are even cuter, not to mention they are a godsend to those who love cats but hate shedding

they are considered the win-win situation, you get to adore your cat, enjoy cuddles and hugs without worrying about hairs flying off everywhere

so if you want to lay off using the lint roller on everything a cat touches, you should seriously consider hairless cat breeds.

In this article, we are going to take a look at 5 Hairless cat breeds that can definitely steal your heart, even if it’s not on the first sight!

What is the origin of hairless cat breeds?

hairless cat breeds

who else remembers that friends episode when Rachel bought home the sphinx cat, and everyones’ impression was WHAT IS THAT?

Well, till this day and age, most of us can’t wrap our heads around the idea that some cats are normally just hairless. And scientifically, we are right to think that this is a bit unusual.

It is, in fact, a gene mutation that causes the cat to be hairless, so we are right to think it is unusual, but we are we are wrong to believe it unnatural hairless cat breeds are born this way, it all genetics, or in this case the lack of.

Through the years, cats have been bred in a way to encourage this hairless gene mutation and create hybrid cat breeds that are also hairless

So you will find that most breeds are a result of breeding different cat breeds with a Sphynx cat

6 Hairless cat breeds that You Should Positively Consider Welcoming Home


Sphynx is the most popular of all hairless cat breeds
  • Origin:

Hairless Sphynx cat breeds are the most common of the lot.

It can be considered a Canadian breed as it was a Canadian cat who gave birth to a hairless kitten in 1966.

  • Character:

This lovely breed are known for their love of cuddles and hugs.


Peterbald is one of the most unique-looking of all the hairless cat breeds
Peterbald Cat – Credit: Dinoanimals
  • Origin:

Cats from this breeds were originally bred in Russia with a mix between Oriental Shorthair and Donskoy cats.

They are not very common, as the female usually gives birth to one or two kittens. making them rather expensive.

  • Character

They are not silent cats, but rather vocal and most likely will respond to your voice and follow you around the house


  • origin:

On first glance, they appear rather identical to sphynx cats. and their differences are basically within genetics.

This breed was found and bred by a Russian cat breeder in 1987.

Sphynx have a recessive gene that makes them hairless, the Donskoy gene is dominant.

  • Character:

When it comes to characteristics, they are one of the social breeds, you can introduce them to other pets if you already own other pets.

And you might be able to train them to follow certain voice commands.


Bambino is one of the strangest hairless cat breeds
  1. Origin:

This cat breed is a hybrid between Sphynx and a Munchkin. they are unique with their short legs

  • Characteristics:

They are very social and friendly, so you can safely introduce them to other pets.

Their short legs will not stop them from enjoying jumping around, and climbing like normal cats.

5-Elf Cat:

  • Origin:

This is another hybrid cat breed between a Sphynx and an American curl.

They are easily recognized by their curled elf-like ear, hence their name, and it is a rather new breed, it was created within the past 15 years

  • Characteristics:

They are very social and adore the attention, they are known for their love of being around people and enjoying their affection.

So, if you love cuddling and playing with your pets, you will find no complines from them.

6- The Ukrainian Levoky

the ukrainian levkoy
the ukrainian levkoy – Wikipedia

The Ukrainian levoky is a cross-breed of the sphynxs, and Scottish fold. It got her name because of her ears, that are similar to the Ukrainian plant’s levkoy leaves.

How do you take care of your hairless cat?


Like any other cat, hairless cats need to be clean. Yes, they don’t have a coat, but they may have a peach-fuzz, and other hairless cats are completely bold. In both cases, hairless cats need their grooming dates.

Hairless cats skin absorb a lot of oils, so if they didn’t get properly groomed, they will end up sticky. And that’s not okay, because it can cause to your hairless cat serious skin problems.

Another thing you should pay attention to is that some hairless cats don’t have eyelashes, too. so you need to get their eyes clean, on daily basis, to avoid any dirt enter their eyes, and annoys them.

Skin problems

Well, hairless cats are bold, they don’t have hair on their skin that can save them from sunburns and extreme cold. Which make sense, the furry cat is more likely to avoid sunburns and cold with the hair they have on their bodies.

Therefore, you need to pay extra attention to your hairless cat. Most probably hairless cats, are ‘indoors cats’. You have to pay attention to hair skin, avoid extremeness in weather, and help your hairless cat be better, by giving her/him the right diet.

Are hairless cats, good cats?

Well, I understand that it doesn’t look like the usual cats, and that may give you the feeling that they might be dangerous or something. But, hairless cats are cats; they are those amazing, loveable, friendly creatures, that will make you feel loved, every single time you look at her/him.

Hairless cats are amazing creatures, they need to feel loved, and they can make you feel happy having them. Yes, they look different, but don’t judge the book from its cover! Let that amazing hairless cat breed surprise you.

If you want to check out even more cat breeds to find the perfect one for you, check out these 5 domestic cat breeds that you should open your door to.

Are you a cat person? Tell us your favorite breed of cats in the comments below!

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