Every Grumpy Cat Breed Deserves Your Love

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Sadly, many people have the wrong image of a grumpy cat breed.

I think many people can agree on something: cats are misunderstood and often misrepresented. This applies especially well with a grumpy cat breed. They are often painted as lazy, not caring or even prone to violence. However, this is completely untrue. This is why I will try to change the mind of anyone that thinks that those fluffy (and not fluffy) cuties are grumpy.

Maine Coon

Largest domestic cat breeds Maine Coon
A regal/looking Maine Coon

To begin with, they are the number one of the largest domestic cat breeds worldwide. This impressive feline is well known for its social and calm nature, which has earned it its nickname “the gentle giant”. Due to their unique facial structure, some may refer to them as a grumpy cat breed. This is untrue.

Two of the more “accepted” stories are that they are the descendant from Marie Antoinette´felines that had come to America when she tried to escape France. Even if the royal French noble had been less successful, her cats had survived the journey across the Atlantic Ocean and settled in North America just fine.

Another one talks about them being the offspring from Captain Charles Coon’s, an English Seafarers’, cats that mated with local feral cats to create this large cat breed.



Furthermore, these very intelligent cats need a lot of protein in their diet as they require a lot of energy to move around.

Lats but not least, appearance-wise they have a prominent ruff on their chests, strong bone structure, rectangular body shape, two differently layered coats with longer guard hairs with a silky satin under layer undercoat, and long, bushy tails.



Norwegian Forest Cat

grumpy cat breed Norwegian forest cats
A stunning Norwegian forest cat

As their name may suggest, these beautiful forest dwelling creatures are naturally outdoor cats. However, they can be trained to become indoor cats with little complications. Due to their serious-looking facial features, many may be inclined to call these feline a grumpy cat breed. However, they are not.

Furthermore, they are well known to have a top coat with glossy long water shedding hair and a woolly undercoat. They are adept to live in the cold climates of Northern Europe. A little fun fact: Did you know that their claws are so sharp that they can even climb stone with them!


This mighty large cat breed was refereed to as “skogkatt” in old Nordic legends. The “skogkatt” is a “mountain-dwelling fairy cat with an ability to climb sheer rock faces that other cats could not manage”. Nowadays, this name is used by certain breeders and organizations when referring to this cat.

big cat breeds Sphinx cat

Many people misjudge others based on their looks. So, the unique look of the Sphynx cat may cause some people to call them a grumpy cat breed.

In contrast actually, this cat breed is awesome. Not only can people suffering from cat allergies finally own cats problem free, but they also have some of the most intense eyes I have ever seen. On the side note of the Sphynx being hypoallergenic: this only applies if you are allergic to their fur and not their saliva or dander. Please consult a veterinarian for a professional opinion.

The only thing bigger than the sphinx´eyes( and heart of course) are their ears.

However, their ears are super sensitive-just like most other cats- so please take care around them.

They pretty much capture you in their golden disks and don’t stop loving you anymore.

6. Oriental Shorthair

big cat breeds Oriental shorthair  cat
An Oriental Shorthair mum with her kittens

I personally think this type of big cat breeds deserves a better name. These cats have a very defined head shape, almost like a triangle. They are loving cats and it is best to keep them in pairs or groups as they re not solo cats.

There eyes are usually green and almond-shaped.

Furthermore, I simply love how bat-like these felines look. when I was younger I always wanted one, so these are really awesome.

Last but not least, these adorable cats retain kitten-like behaviour throughout their entire lives. Oriental Shorthairs are athletic and enjoy playing fetch. They are all so active!


7.Cornish Rex.

big cat breeds Cornish Rex

This intersting cat breed has a galloping run and is intelligent and curious. They tend to keep a kittenish nature throughout their entire lives, which is a great trait to have in a cat.

Due to their light coats, they like to stay indoors. dry and warm climates suit them the best. Often you might find one of those cuties curled up around heaters, computers or even your shoulders! This is done to preserve heat and keep themselves warm.

They have no hair except for down hair-unlike most other cat breeds. Despite some beliefs, Cornish Rex cats are NOT hypoallergenic.


Okay, so this was my little take on the one or the other grumpy cat breed, and why they are misunderstood. Please always love yourself and your pets, regardless of the little flaws. If you are interested in learning about a few rare cat breeds, feel free to read this article that I wrote. Do you have any funny stories about your “grumpy” cat? Let me know in the comments. Read you next time!


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