Family Can’t Believe What Their German Shepherd Did To an Intruder That Attacked Their House

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Dogs are territorial animals, which is why they make such guard dogs. Dogs of the german shepherd breed are known for their excellent protective senses. A family in Richmond, Virginia knew their dog was a good guard dog, but they just had no idea how far he would go to protect the family’s home.

Tristin Murrin and his family have a lovely German Shepherd called Oden. Oden is a playful and cuddly pup that the family and the whole neighborhood simply adore.

He has the best spirits and very gentle with children. Kids see him and they run up to him to play with him, and he is always incredibly sweet with them.

But when the family returned from their trip, they discovered their pup has another side that they have never seen before.

When they returned home, they found Oden waiting for them with the biggest smile on his face.

This was nothing out of the ordinary, so they went right inside. The first thing they noticed was a few drops of blood on the floor.

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