Vile Man Hangs Kills Puppy By Hanging Her From Tree – He Says It’s “Because I was Bored”

A concerned citizen was scrolling through Facebook when he saw a horrible video of a man torturing a dog in the worst way possible.

This man immediately contacted the authorities, who immediately got on the task of finding out the man in the video.

Officers of the Hildago County Sheriff’s Office reviewed the video, and after some investigation, they were quickly able to determine where was the video filmed.

They rushed to the location to be greeted by 21-year-old Texas man Claudio Gomez. Mr.Gomez admitted that he did hang the small puppy by its neck from a tree, and his reasoning for doing it was that “he was bored”.

Unfortunately, the small puppy couldn’t take this abuse and suffered a painful death as a result of this man’s actions.

Even worse, this wasn’t Gomez’s dog, and the police didn’t clarify whose dog was it that suffered this terrible fate.

Here is the original post on the police department’s Facebook page:

Gomez was arrested, transported to the county jail, and charged with Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals, a State Jail Felony. Gomez was arraigned by Justice of the Peace Gilberto Saenz, PCT 1, PLC 1, and issued a 10,000 Cash Surety Bond.

The police urged people to report any such incidents to them so they can take actions quickly:

We urge anyone with information regarding crimes or suspicious activities to call the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division at 956-383-8114. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may call the Hidalgo County Crime Stoppers hotline at 668-TIPS (8477).

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