Heartwarming Photo of Arthritic German Shepherd Sleeping in His Dog Parent’s Arms in the Lake Goes Viral

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A man named John Unger along with his ex-fiancee searched in many humane societies for a dog to adopt.

“We wanted every single dog. We just hadn’t found the right one.” John said.

Until they entered Ozaukee Animal Shelter where they knew that they found the right dog.

The dog, Schoep, was found in a cage with his mother staring at the corner with his back to John.

John knew that he found the dog that he has been looking for. He wanted to provide her with a loving and caring home.

“I really wanted this dog because I wanted him to enjoy life.” John said

Together, the couple worked on developing the dog’s trust for them and they did succeed in doing so.

With aging, unfortunately, the dog had a very serious condition; he had arthritis and couldn’t sleep because of the pain and couldn’t walk properly.

So, what did John do to ease Schoep pain?

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Welcome to my bio everyone, my name is Nada. Ever since I was little, I have loved animals because they are so loving and kind. All they need is you attention, love, and care but I didn't understand them very well because I didn't get the chance to raise them. Well, That changed when my family and I got our first dog Rocky, a German Shepherd. Rocky was fun and loving with funny quirks. Being loyal and protective of us, he made me see the nature of a German Shepherd. Now, we have another German Shepherd named Mia. She is a wonderful dog and a rescue who just needed a second chance in life. Mia has long grown from being a terrified dog to the brave and caring German Shepherd that she is today. P.S: Here is a picture of our beautiful German Shepherd, Mia.

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