Dog Nails Too Long? Here Is What You Can Do

dog nails too long

Leaving the dog nails too long would cause a lot of health problems, more problems than what you think.

Indeed, nail trimming is a part of dogs grooming but it is not only about the way dogs nails will look. Actually, nail trimming more about dogs overall health than it is to grooming.

Ignoring trimming your dog’s nails will lead to serious pain for the dog and, in rare cases, it may lead to irrecoverable damage to the dog’s legs. Pet owners should give more attention to nail trimming to ensure a life of the highest quality for their pets.

Here is what you need to know about the effect of overgrown dog nails and what to do to maintain healthy nails again.

dog nails too long

What Long Dogs Nails Do: To Their Nails, Bones, and Life!

Long nails could transform a healthy dog paw to splayed feet with reducing their traction. Hurting the dog’s tendons is also another thing long nail could cause if it is left uncut for a long time.

Dogs nails are not like cats used as a weapon. dogs’ claws are designed to grip the ground when they speed up their running and also, to help them in changing their direction around the corners.

Outdoors dogs don’t have a problem with their nails because they run on a lot of hard surfaces that guarantee natural wear down for their nails.

unlike our dogs who don’t get much time with such surfaces. Our dogs walk on the house floor, vinyl floor or carpets most of the time and those surfaces alone won’t wear down the dogs’ nails enough.

The way the dog carries his weight changes when his nails are long. The more the nails are overgrown, the flatten his bone will become. The metacarpal bone along with the Phalanx bones will widen the angles between them with every step the dog will take.

The pressure on these bones will lead to joints stress and the dog’s legs will look s flat-footed. This is not the only problem with changing the dog’s bone alignment, all the bones in the dog’s skeleton are connected down to the spine.

Leaving your dog’s nails too long will act as high- heels shoes.

so, imagine your dog wearing heels all his life!

Do Dogs With Long Nails Are In Pain?

YES, most of the dogs with long nails feel pain, but unfortunately, Dogs can’t deliver that they are in pain to us. Although they might be signs that the dog is in pain.

Whimpering in unusual occasions, biting or licking a specific paw or nail this should be an indicator that there is something wrong.

Sometimes your dog will show his pain in being less active, acts aggressively if anyone tried to touch his paw or being uncertain to step on a certain paw.

Dog Nails Too Long: Is It Your Fault or The Dog?

There are two reasons for a too long dog’s nails; either your dog is not a fan or you just don’t trim them.

Of course, pet parents will want the best for their dogs.

But life happens and other things popped up and you couldn’t do all that you intended to do for your dog.

So, here are some tips to overcome these two obstacles:

If your dog hates nail cutting: you can try to use a counter conditioning and desensitization program. Counter conditioning means to get to the point where you make your pet’s behavior change towards a specific action.

As for the desensitization, it is targeting to make your pet face certain stimuli but with very low intensity.

Try to craft a plan where you expose your dog to nail trimming gradually.

If you don’t trim your dog: Create a schedule that suits you and with minimum times of trimming your dog, so if you failed to achieve the main target.

Time to Get Rid Of The Overgrown Nails!

Nail trimming needs special attention from you, so you don’t cut through your dog’s quick. A quick is the blood vessel located inside the outer shell or the nail.

the quick is the connection between the dog’s leg and the nail. it supplies the nail with blood.

If you hit the quick while cutting, it will cause bleeding accompanied by serious pain for the dog. So, be careful while cutting through your dog’s nail.

if your dog has a white nail, it would be easy to locate the quick even before starting to cut the nail.

But if you have a dog with black nails, it is going to be more difficult.

Dogs with black nails have their quick in black color too. you can’t locate it without cutting the nail. and even if you cut through it you won’t be able to see it.

Search for the pulp inside of the nail, it is a dark circular shape found just before the quick. while cutting you will found that the edges of the cut are a little whitish in color.

When you reach the pulp this white color will disappear and the darkness of the pulp appears. Stop cutting immediately when you find it.

Cutting too long dog nails

Keep in mind that dogs who have long nails will have long quick inside their nail too. So, the cutting process may take weeks so you could cut the nail short enough.

Choose clippers that have sharp blades and stay away from poor quality clippers. they will make your task a lot harder than it is.

Before starting, give the dog enough time to get comfortable with you holding up his paws and it would be good if you have a member of the family or friends with you. this person will help you with calming your dog and positioning him.

Steps For Cutting Dog’s Nail

Step 1#: Let your dog inspect the clippers and then hold his paw gently. Reward him after that.

Step 2# Hold the paw tightly and start to cut the first nail. Position the clippers at 45 angle to minimize the chance of hitting the quick.

Step 3# Cut small part each time until you reach the pulp. Stop cutting and use a grinder to soften the surface.

Now, reward your buddy and praise him for sticking to the end.

If your dog didn’t collaborate with you and it is impossible to handle the trimming at home. seeking professional help is your next step.

Cutting your dog’s nails regularly will keep your dog happy, pain-free, and healthy. And remember, taking care of your dog will help him live longer.

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