Horrible Dog Meat Trade in Cambodia Allows Slaughterhouses to Kill Rabies Dogs by Throwing Them in “Drowning Pits”

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Cambodia, specifically in Phnom Penh, has many slaughterhouses where millions of dogs are killed in the cruelest ways.

According to the NGO Four Paws, an estimate of about 2 to 3 million dogs are slaughtered annually for the dog meat trade in Cambodia.

The NGO has since identified more than 100 dog meat restaurants in the capital, Phnom Penh, and about 20 other restaurants in the town of Siem Recap.

Credited: South China Morning Post

“It has this massive trade,” says Ms. Katherine Polak, a Thailand-based veterinarian who works with the NGO said. She also presented her findings to the government.

The dog trade business is continuing as many dog catchers bring dogs into unlicensed slaughterhouses. Then, restaurants take dog meat presenting and selling them to people.

So, what happens in this horrible dog meat trade?

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