Dog grooming Tips for Rottweiler

dog grooming tips for Rottweiler

What are the best dog grooming tips for a Rottweiler? Rottweilers need grooming just like other dogs. It is important to take care of your Rottweiler so they don’t have problems.

Dog grooming tips for Rottweiler

The nature of a Rottweiler coat

 The Rottweiler’s coat sheds frequently and requires frequent brushing to remove hair.

It is one of the easiest breeds to groom because of their short hair.  They require a little more than frequent brushing and a bath to maintain their cleanness of their coat.

The Rottweiler has a short double coat that’s straight and coarse.  The outer coat is medium in length. It is found on head, ears, and legs.

The undercoat is mainly found on the neck and thighs. Their color is always black with markings with different color such as rust.

The Rottweiler shedding is moderate in general. However, twice a year, they shed heavily so you need to watch out for their shedding.

They tend to shed all year long but shed heavily during the spring and fall months. A Rottweiler will shed during these months, so it is important to take care of them regularly and in those seasons.

It is important to trim the double coat so a Rottweiler can regulate their temperature.

Hair grooming: How to choose the right brush for your Rottweiler

Because a Rottweiler doesn’t shed frequently, it doesn’t mean that they don’t shed at all. In fact, they require frequent grooming just like any other.

You should brush your Rottweiler a few times a week but make sure to not over brush them. This also limits the amount of dead fur that falls in your house and clothes.

Bristle brush

Another dog grooming tips is The best type of brush for a Rottweiler is the bristle brush.  Because most Rottweilers have short coats that lies close to their skin, a bristle brush will brush off and clean any dead fur and keep the coat healthy and clean.

A bristle brush has tightly packed bristles that is put on a circular or square surface. You don’t have to apply much pressure to the bristle when you use them.

It’s important to be gentle while brushing your dog’s hair.

Pin brush

Another brush that works well for dogs is a pin brush. Pin brushes work well for both short and long-haired Rottweilers.

They are best used to get dead fur and mats out of Rottweilers long coat.

A pin brush is oval in shape with widely spaced pins. The pins have plastic tips on them. The pins usually have plastic tips to reduce irritation that may rise.

This type of brush is suitable for Rottweilers with long and matted hair. This brush will dig deeper than bristle brushes.


dog grooming tips
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Another one of the dog grooming tips is bathing. You got to bathe your Rottweiler once a month. Make sure to not over bathe them as overbathing will strip away their natural oils in their skin and make their coat dull.

You could also bathe your Rottweiler when they play outside making themselves dirty.

Nail Trimming

Nail trimming is an important one of dog grooming tips. A Rottweiler with long nails can be a problem. Long nails can cause discomfort and injury while their dog is playing, running, or digging.

At the appropriate length, you won’t be hearing any clicking of the nails across the hard surface floors.

Usually a Rottweiler’s nails should be trimmed every two weeks to make sure that they don’t grow long.

Also, you got to make sure that you don’t trim your Rottweiler’s nails too short so because cutting to deeply can cause the quick injury.

It can cause them bleeding and pain that will keep them injured for a while.

Always consult your vet if you don’t know at which point to stop cutting so you don’t injure the quick.

Teeth brushing   

dog grooming tips
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You got to brush your Rottweiler’s teeth daily so they are clean and don’t build up tartar at a high rate.

To make a Rottweiler used to teeth brushing, you got to start while they are young as puppies. If you brush your dog’s teeth while they are young, they tend to enjoy the process.

It is also less expensive and cheaper than your dog developing problems and needing anesthesia to get their teeth back to health.

So how do you brush a Rottweiler’s teeth? Just hold the brush at a 45-degree angle to the teeth and brush away.

Always brush both the upper and lower jaws from both sides of the mouth.

Remember to always use a dog toothpaste and brush when cleaning your dog’s teeth.

Ear cleaning

dog grooming tips

Always check for your dog’s ears to know if they have any excessive wax or odor. They do require regular cleaning.

Using a moist cotton ball, clean up your dog’s ears by wiping the ears firmly but gently.

Make sure to keep the area dry at all times so it doesn’t become an area for bacteria and viruses to grow.

You could keep the ears dry through using an ear cleaning solution or combine a mixture of water and vinegar which makes it a good cleaner for this breed.

Always observe if your Rottweiler has an ear infection because there are symptoms for this situation.

Symptoms of ear infection

  • Shaking their head
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Bad odor from ears
  • Red or black color of earwax


In conclusion, dog grooming tips for Rottweilers ensure that they are healthy and clean. It also prevents additional problems from occurring.

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