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The Best 9 Dog DNA Test Kit to Get For Your Dog in 2020

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Have you ever wondered what type of breed your dog is and if there are any breeds that they are made of? Are you worried about your dog being sick and facing health problems?

Well, we got the solution for you which is the dog DNA test. With these tests, you get an analysis of your dog DNA that explains certain personality traits, breed composition, health problems, appearance, and much more.

Here are the top 9 dog DNA tests.

1.) Embark DNA: Best overall

Here is our top pick for the best Dog DNA Test Kit; the number one in our list and the best DNA test kit is the Embark DNA.

The Embark DNA test kit has the capacity for breed identification by screening over 250 breeds.

Developed in partnership with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, the Embark DNA test kit is highly reliable and credible for dog DNA testing.

Embark offers the most accurate results that will benefit you when looking through their DNA.


Detects genetic diseases

A major benefit of the Embark DNA is that it tests up to 170+ genetic diseases such as drug sensitivity, glaucoma, degenerative myelopathy, and dilated cardiomyopathy which your dog may have.

Thus, it can easily detect any disease that your dog will have and so you can treat them faster. And it’s better for vets who can get a full report from putting just their name and e-mail address.

Your vet can then rule out any serious problem that your dog has and any future problems that they may have.

It’s isn’t complicated and is put in simple words to help you understand complicated terms more easily.

Recognizes the family tree and ancestry

The Embark DNA Test Kit gets all the information about your dog’s family tree all the way to their great grandparents. You can now know everything that you need to know about your dog.

Embark DNA also pairs your dog with similar dog breeds so you can see how similar they are to other dog breeds by watching their profiles and photos.

Discover your dog’s relatives

Now, you can easily find through analyzing shared DNA who your dog’s relatives are whether distant or close.

Embark is the top in giving you a percentage of shared DNA between your dog and other dogs who are also tested with this DNA test Kit.

Predicts coat color and dog traits

This DNA test kit can predict your dog’s trait such as their coat color and coat type whether it’s curly or straight. Also, it determines the amount of shedding that your dog has as well as body size.

By determining these factors, you can get to know your dog’s appearance and how big will grow to be.

Credible and trustworthy results

As mentioned, there is a strong partnership between experts and Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine to make the most reliable and trustworthy DNA test kit for dogs.

Many veterinary hospitals trust their results and find their results very credible so they can easily extract information that will help them in their diagnosis and treatment of a dog. 

To find the results, you got to wait between 2 to 4 weeks which is worth the wait for these incredibly accurate results.

Other services

Customer care

Both staff veterinarians and customer care representatives are available to answer any question that you have regarding Embark DNA Test Kit.

The service also lets users have access to their email which is for any health problem or issue that they have a question in.

Health and wellness tests

You can also take the “Health and Wellness” quizzes to get feedback and contribute to the research that Embark conducts.

This makes the Embark DNA Test Kit more accurate for you to use in the future.

The feedback can benefit both old users and new users through the accurate results that it provides and the constant developments that they create.

How to use the Embark DNA Test Kit for Dogs?

The first step when using the Embark DNA Test Kit is to order the test online so you can activate it on your computer.

The second step is to swab your dog’s cheek to collect a DNA sample from your dog’s mouth.

To swap your dog’s cheek effectively follow these steps:

Step one: Inspect your dog’s mouth to make sure that there is no food stuck in their cheek and gums.

Step two: Open the swab package and avoid touching the bristles.

Step three: Roll the swab bristles against the inside of the cheek

Step four: Let the sample dry out for 5 minutes

The third step is to mail the sample back through mail to the Embark lab using a pre-paid return envelope.

Frequently asked questions

1.) How will the results be delivered to you?

Your dog’s results will be delivered to you online easily so you don’t have to go to the lab or go to another place.

In addition, they provide a print report which can be downloaded as a PDF and printed out for your vet to see.

Always consult your doctor about the report so they can see the best action that they can do to help your dog.

2.) What happens if there is not enough DNA on the swab?

The Embark DNA Test Kit works well under different conditions. In most cases, there will be enough DNA on the swab.

However, if there are cases where your dog you lost the swab or there isn’t enough DNA on the swab, the Embark lab will send you a free replacement swab.

Make sure to put the DNA sample in the DNA collection tube which will keep your dog’s DNA ready for analysis in future months.

3.) What if my dog has an incurable genetic disease?

Embark DNA test gives you the most genetic insights for your dog. If caught on early, it can tell you about the risk of your dog developing a certain genetic disease.

Regardless of the disease being incurable, the good news is that when caught early, you can know what disease they exactly have and develop a care plan with your vet about the best possible action that you need to take care of your dog and let them live a normal life.

You can get this best overall DNA Kit Test when you click here.

2.) Wisdom Panel Health Canine DNA Test: Best DNA test for Health

The company that developed the Wisdom Panel Health Canine DNA Test has tested over 1,000,000 dogs and learned how to be so accurate.


A DNA health testing kit

One of the major benefits that the Wisdom Panel Health Canine DNA Test has is that it can detect up to 150+ conditions that your dog may have.

By doing so, you can detect any health problems that your dog may have so you can better prepare to treat them.

It is considered one of the world’s top DNA test for dogs.

Breed detection

You can get to know what type of breed does your dog belongs to. Not only can you know the breed, but you can also know the family tree going as far as three generations and many other important breed information.

You can also predict what your dog will look like and behaviors.

To get this DNA test kit, check it here!

3.) Orivet Dog DNA Test and Life Plan: Suitable for new dog parents

Being an effective DNA Test Kit for dogs, it screens any dog for dozen of diseases.

It also has an algorithmic analysis for your dog which can create a life plan for your dog based on what breed they are, age, gender, lifestyle, and weight makes it easier for dog parents to care for their dogs.

Main benefits

Effective for dog care

The Orivet Dog DNA Test and Life Plan also help you know your dog’s ancestry and health risks so you can consult your vet to create effective nutrition, wellness, and medical plan for your dog.

This is perfect for dog parents especially new dog parents who are still learning about how to take care of their dog.

Personalized life plan

It also offers a personalized life plan for your dog that you can check with your vet to see how it is suitable for your dog.

To get this accurate and best DNA test, click here!

4.) DNA My Dog Test Kit: Best rapid results

The main advantage that it delivers results rapidly.

Through a simple DNA cheek swab, you can easily determine the breeds that make up your dog by percentage. The company that made this DNA test kit offers a custom photo certificate of the breeds composition.

Major benefits

Determines generic health concerns

It can determine your dog has personality traits and certain diseases so you take the best possible course of action to help your dog out.

Fast test results

One of its best benefits that this DNA kit test has is that it delivers fast results with a period of only 2 weeks from sending the sample.

This can really help if your dog got any health problems and requires immediate action to help them.

To get this fast-result oriented DNA test, get it here!

5.) DNAffirm Dog Breed DNA Test: Best budget

Even though it is low in price, it still performs very well and can help you know what you need to know about your dog.

Major benefit

Spend less money for great quality

It’s one of the most affordable DNA test kits in the market. Being low in its price, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t accurate at all.

In fact, this DNA test gives a breakdown of the type of breeds that make up your dog, provides insights into your dog’s behavior, and health concerns.

To get this DNA at a special price, get it here!

6.) Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test: best for mixed breeds

This DNA dog test is best for determining what type of breeds were mixed that make up your dog.

Major benefit

Determines breed composition for mixed breeds

With just a small sample of your dog’s DNA, you can determine your dog’s breed composition when it is tested against other AKC dog breeds that the DNA test kit identifies.

This makes it easier to know your dog so you can provide them with the best diet, training, and plan of action if they have health problems.

All the testing takes about 3 to 4 weeks for the results to be delivered to you.

To get this DNA test that determines the breed composition of mixed breeds, check it out here!

7.) Canine Health Check: Best Medical

This DNA test is best for determining medical conditions that your dog may have.

By determining your dog’s medical conditions, you can find the best treatment for them and ensure that your dog stays healthy.

Major benefit

With a simple swab test, you can screen over 150 diseases and traits that your dog may have.

Then, send this swab in a prepaid return kit so you can get the results.

The time is also short for when you receive the results which take about 7 to 10 days after the laboratory has received it.

This test is important so you can know based on your dog’s genetics if they are likely to develop specific diseases.

It comes with 2 sterile swabs and instructions on how to collect the sample helping you when you conduct the test on your dog.

To get this amazing medical DNA test, check it out here!

8.) Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Kit: Breed and ancestry information

This DNA Kit is specially made to identify your dog’s breed and ancestry.

Major benefit

A database of the breeds that identify their ancestry

A database of the breeds that can identify who your dog ancestors going back three generations of ancestors and breed composition that they are made of.

This is really important so you can know your breed history and know if they might face any health problems in the future.

It can also unlock DNA insights that help you know your dog’s appearance, behaviors, and wellness needs.

Now, you get to know all about your dog’s ancestry through this DNA test kit. Get it here!

9.) Canine Genetic Age Test DNA My Dog NEXTGEN: Biological Age of your Dog

You can now determine your dog’s biological age which is very different from actual age helping you determine what areas you need to take care of to ensure your dog’s health.

Major benefit

Biological age

It helps you test all the breeds and it will determine your dog’s age very easily.

Helping you determine your dog’s biological age, you can determine your dog’s personality traits, health problems, predisposition to diseases.

To know more about the exact biological age of your dog through this DNA test kit, check it out here!


DNA tests are very helpful for your dog so you can know everything there is to know about your dog breed.

You can prevent future health problems, know the breed composition, and determine nutrition as well as wellbeing for your dog.


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