Does Hantavirus, the Deadly Coronavirus-like Disease in China, Have an FDA Approved Vaccine?

Hantavirus, the Deadly, Coronavirus Like Disease in China, Doesn't Have an FDA Approved Vaccine!
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A few days ago, a man died on his way to work in China. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, they tested his body and discovered that he died because of Hantavirus.

Yup, there is another virus in China that destroying people’s lives, but how many people have been affected so far?

The man who died was riding a bus, and all 32 passengers tested positive for the virus. Coronavirus comes from bats, but Hantavirus comes from mice.

Although this virus is rarely spread from one human to another, it is not impossible. The fact that all 32 passengers who were on that bus tested positive for Hantavirus is very worrying.

Are we going to have another pandemic along with Coronavirus?

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