25+ Heartwarming Christmas Gifts that Every Dog Mom Will Love

With Christmas coming around, you can enjoy a whole set of lovely gifts given to your loved ones especially dog moms.

Dog moms care about their dogs and loved ones so you can give them a whole set of gifts that will make them happy.

Here are the top 25+ Christmas gifts that you can give to a dog mom. Make sure to get to the end, I’ve left some of the best for last ;).

Top Christmas gifts that every dog mom will love

1.) Hanging Christmas Stocking with Large Paw

This is probably my favorite Christmas Decoration of All time. Not only does it look amazing, but it has a very practical use; to store the gifts for your dog!

They are large enough to store a good amount of treats as well.

They are also surprisingly high-quality especially considering the affordable price. They are made from Cotton and Polyester, but they feel so soft that I just want to snuggle with them and my pup all night long.

You can get them here now, and I recommend you do it sooner than later, me, I know lots of people who are ordering those for Christmas, and I don’t think the stock will last long!

e now, and I recommend you do it sooner than later, me, I know lots of people who are ordering those for Christmas, and I don’t think the stock will last long!

2.) Dog Paw Print Necklace

This remarkable necklace will keep your dog with you wherever you go. It is shaped like a paw to remind you of your furry friend wherever you go.

Made from hypoallergenic steel, it doesn’t rust or change in color so you won’t have to worry about it changing.

It’s perfect for occasions such as Christmas to give it to your loved ones who have dogs.

To get this beautiful necklace at a price of $15.99, check Glamorous Dogs Store.  

3.) Natural Stone Paw Bracelet

This is a natural stone bracelet that is very unique in its design.

It has an adorable and charming look that fits most people so you won’t have trouble finding your size.

The bracelet is very comfortable to wear and comes in different colors that are suitable for your taste and preference.

To get this beautiful bracelet at a price of only $9.99, check the Glamorous Dogs store.

4.) Casual Dog Mom Life is Ruff T-Shirt

This is a very comfortable top that is made from high-quality cotton fabric that is very comfy and light in its weight.

It can match well when you wear jeans. A perfect gift for dog moms during Christmas.

It has a casual design that is made so you can have a great outfit that is suitable for every day.

To get this trendy t-shirt at a price of $15.60, check the Glamorous Dogs Store.

5.) German Shepherd Heartbeat T-Shirt

This German Shepherd Heartbeat T-Shirt is made from top quality cotton, heathers, and polyester.

It has a unique German Shepherd design that is both light in weight as well as comfortable for wear.

Being machine washable, you can easily clean it without a problem.

Perfect for dog lovers especially German Shepherds lovers, you can get this T-shirt and celebrate your German Shepherd.

To get this awesome German Shepherd t-shirt at a price of $24.99, check Glamorous Dogs Store.

6.) Vintage Family Unisex Bracelet

You can now get this vintage family unisex bracelet for your friends and families especially for dog moms who will really love it at Christmas.

It comes in different designs that are perfect for dog moms such as having written on them “super mom”, “we love you mom”, and “mom”.

Made with love and care, a dog mom will surely love getting or receiving this heartwarming gift from loved ones.

Now, you can get this lovely vintage bracelet at a price of only $14.99, check Glamorous Dogs store to get it!  

7.) Dog Mom White Mug

This ceramic white mug has a funny and endearing message written on it; it’s all about the bond that the dog mom will have with her dog.

It has a premium coat that is white and is suitable for hot and cold drinks.

You can also have a personalized image of your dog on the mug by uploading your dog’s image.

It has an ORCA coating that can be washed in the dishwasher and easily used in the microwave.

You can get this mug at only $19.99 ( saving you 33% of the price). Check out the Glamorous Dogs store

8.) Christmas Decoration Cushion Cover

This is the best Christmas gift to give to your dog mom. It has a unique Christmas pattern that is just perfect for them to put on pillows and relax.

Made from cotton and linen, it is made from really high quality.

Available in many different designs, you can enjoy celebrating Christmas with your dog with this awesome pillow cover.

You can easily get it at a very affordable price of $6.53 (saving about 37%), get it here from Glamorous Dogs store

9.) Picture Perfect Pet Treat Launcher

This is considered the best pet product in 2019.

If you are having trouble keeping your pet’s attention for a photo, we have the perfect product that will help you capture the most awesome photos for your dog.

With this treat launcher, you will be able to take photos of your dog without any hassle.

Just use it on your phone, put the treats in the spring load and your dog will stay focused until you take a picture.

It will allow you to take photos from any angle that you want while also offering flexibility to any phone user with a smartphone.

To get this amazing pet treat launcher for Christmas, check out Glamorous Dogs store.

10.) Dog Mom Tumbler

This is a unique and beautifully packaged gift for Christmas for dog moms. The stemless cup comes with a beautiful package that makes it easier to present your gift smoothly.

It can keep drinks either very icy or cold because of its made from a special type of stainless steel.

Having a strong and BPA resistant lid, it helps keep your drink at the perfect temperature.

Unlike plastic cups and straws, this tumbler is very environmental friendly where it helps reduce carbon release in the environment.

Now, you can get it by clicking here.

11.) Ceramic Dog Mom Coffee Mug 

This ceramic dog mom coffee mug is an adorable gift for dog moms. It can easily contain liquids because its size is 14 oz.

Because it’s made from ceramic, it can easily be used in the dishwasher and microwave safe.

If you want to get this awesome dog mom mug, check it here.

12.) Willow Tree Keepsake Box

This Willow Tree Keepsake Box is a great gift for dog lovers. Through its heartwarming message that states “Truly a friend” and an enclosure card, it cherishes the bond between a dog mom and her dog.

It also comes with packaging that is very suitable for presenting to your loved ones.

This piece is created at the studio of Susan Lordi with the purpose of communicating emotions of love and closeness.

You can click here to get this amazing Keepsake box.

13.) Yoga Burnout Namastay at Home with My Dog Tank Top

Contemporary and trendy, this sleeveless shirt is a blend of 60 % cotton and 40 % Polyester.

It is machine washable so every dog mom will be comfortable with cleaning it quickly.

Being light in weight, the shirt is very comfortable focusing on quality and easy function when a dog mom does any exercise such as yoga.

To get this awesome shirt, click here.

14.) Dog Mom Vintage Jeans Cap

Made from 100 % cotton denim fabric, its lightweight and durable. You can easily adjust the height and circumference so that it fits you nicely.

This Dog mom cap is great for them because it cherishes the bond between a dog mom and her dog.

It is also safe for your health where it helps you stay safe from the sun rays protecting your face from harmful UV rays.

To get this durable dog mom cap, check it here.

15.) Heymiss Dog Mom Shirt

With this fashionable and trendy shirt, you can show off your love for your dog.

It is made from 60% polyester, 35 % cotton, and 5 % Spandex making it not only comfortable but also quite durable and will stay new for years!

The shirt can either come as a long or short-sleeved and can fit on many different wardrobe and style choices.

You can easily wash it in the washing machine and then let it dry.

To get this beautiful shirt, click here.

16.) Furbo Dog Camera

This is a 1080p full HD camera and night vision where you can easily watch your dog when you aren’t around.

When your dog barks, it detects their barking sending you a notification so you can know and you can also talk to your dog through its 2-way audio communication.

Another amazing feature is that you can toss a treat to your dog when you aren’t around by using the free Furbo IOS and android application.

To use it, just plug it to a power outlet using a USB cord, download the Furbo app, and connect to your home wifi.

To get this unique Furbo Dog Camera, check it here.

17.) Dog Paw Bracelet

With this amazing dog paw bracelet, you can show your love of your dog. It is designed with two small hearts in the center of the dog pet paw print.

Crafted in solid 925 sterling silver, it fits different wrist sizes. It’s a great gift to give for dog moms at Christmas where they will really love it.

If you want to get this beautiful dog paw bracelet, click here.

18.) Dog Personalized Name and Breed Necklace

This is a very sentimental gift for dog moms. This is a necklace where the pendant is in the shape of a coin.

It is very unique in that your dog’s portrait and name can be featured in it. It is also very stunning and can be worn every day.

It is the perfect gift for dog moms who cherish their dogs or a memorial gift if their dog has passed away.

If you want to get it, check it here.

19.) DOLON Infinity Love Dog Mom Paw Bracelet

 This bracelet is very unique and easy to wear. It can adjust to fit different people sizes easily.

It has an infinity charm bracelet in which it is packed in a high- quality bag.

It is wrapped in a gift box that is made from synthetic leather.

To get this chic bracelet, get it here.

20.) Aluminum Water Bottle with Cap & Sport Top

This water bottle makes the perfect water bottle for dog moms.

This white aluminum water bottle can hold up 18 ounces of hot or cold liquid.

It is perfect for travel, going to sports events, and enjoying outdoor activities.

To get this Aluminum Water Bottle, check it here.

21.) Dog Mom Stoneware Mug

It features the word “Dog Mom” so it’s perfect for a Christmas gift.

It has a front and back messaging that states “Dog Mom” and “My Child Has Four Legs and Fur”.

The mug can be used either in the microwave or can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

It can fill up to 16 oz of liquid.

It comes in different colors such as purple and pink.

If you want to get this mug, check it here.

22.) Dog Luxury Scented Soy Candles

This is a candle that can spread different aromas and smells such as grapefruit, rose, and musk.

This is a 100 % soy candle handle that is poured into small patches and is made in the USA.

This candle can be presented as a gift for any dog mom and she will surely love.

It is packaged in a gift box with a label that makes it the perfect present for dog moms.

If you want to get this soy candle, get it here.

23.) Dog Picture Frame Unique Collage

With this unique frame, you can actually have a photo frame of your dog.

The frame comes with an easel back where it can be put into any table, desk, counter, or shelf.

It fits the standard photo size 4 by 6 of horizontal in the landscape.

It’s the perfect gift for dog moms.

If you want to get this gift, click here to get it.

24.) You + Me and The Dogs Wood Sign

This is a wall sign that can be put at any wall in your home so you can have a decorated wall that looks really beautiful.

The perfect gift for dog moms who want something that reminds them of their dog.

It comes with hanging hardware so you easily hang it anywhere.

To get this awesome product, click here!

25.) I work hard so my dog can have a better life mug

This is a mug that has printing on both sides and can be cleaned easily using a dishwasher.

The “I work hard so my dog can have a better life mug” is funny yet lovely for all dog lovers.

It is made of 100% white ceramic and is a great gift especially for coffee lovers.

To get this lovely mug, click here!

26.) Crystal Adorned Dog Paw Keychain

This keychain is made from a silver alloy and beautiful crystals that maintain gives a very fashionable and trendy look.

It is very light in weight making it easy to carry it with you wherever you go.

Also, it comes with a beautiful gift box that is made from chipboard and is covered with blue paper so it doesn’t need any wrapping up because it already is wrapped.

To get this amazing gift, check it here!

27.) Infinity Collection Pet Keychain

This is a beautiful keychain that has a paw that is printed in the center of the keychain.

It’s the perfect Christmas gift for all dog moms out there.

With this keychain, you can be sure that your keys will be safe in them.

To get this awesome keychain, click here!

28.) Dogs Make My Life Whole Necklace

If you are looking for a special necklace for your dog, we got the most awesome necklace for your dog.

The necklace is specially made for dog moms that is very stunning and shows off your personality.

It won’t harm your skin because it won’t cause irritation.

It also displays a touching quote that shows you love for your dog.

You can now get this amazing necklace for $ 14.95, check it out at Glamorous Dogs store.

29.) Snoozies Pairables Women’s Slippers

It has a unique design on the slippers that make it really awesome.

The slippers are very comfortable when wearing them on your feet.

Slippers keep your feet warm even in the coldest days.

It is a perfect gift especially at Christmas where it is cold.

To get this great slipper, check it out here!

30.) Be the person your dog thinks you are canvas

This is an authentic product made in the U.S.A. It is made from 100% cotton canvas made with high quality and natural color.

It is eco-friendly that ensures safety. You can easily wash it with water.

To get this awesome canvas, get it here!

31). Memorial pet Ornament

If you have someone who has lost a pet lately, then this gift will be incredibly thoughtful and heartwarming. We all lose pets, but they stay in our hearts forever, and now they can stay hanging on our walls as well, so they’re never out of sight.

I especially like the “paw prints left in your heart” part, because it’s just so incredibly true and every dog owner knows it.

This item is created to be a Christmas gift, so it comes in a beautiful gift box and has a decorative hook for easy hanging.

Get this amazing pet memorial ornament here.

32.) Pearhead Pet Picture Frame Gift

Tired of traditional gifts? How about a frame of your dog’s picture and one for your dog’s paw? Now that’s what a surprise gift should be.

It’s pretty high quality too, as it’s made on a distressed gray wood style that will look great on your wall. The kit is 100% safe to use and comes with the instructions in the box.

If you’re thinking of getting a creative gift, you should definitely get this one here.


These were the top recommendations for Christmas gifts that dog moms will enjoy.

These gifts are awesome for your dog so they will have all the fun that they can have.

Share your experience. Have you ever brought your dog any of these gifts and how did they react?


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