Top 18 China Dog Meat Festival Inhumane Facts

dog meat festival
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The China dog meat festival happen annually for ten days. It starts specifically in June around the summer solstice.

Dogs are treated in the most inhumane way possible; they are slaughtered in painful ways and taken to China in the most abusive way.

Most dogs eaten in the China dog meat festival are stray dogs , or even worse, they are dogs stolen from their families.

Why is there a controversy about the dog meat festival

  • There are many dogs who are mistreated before they die.
  • Many dogs suffer from hunger and thirst while they are in line to be consumed.
  • Dogs may be infected with diseases but still chinese people eat them.
  • Many dogs are stolen from dog parents.
  • These dogs are traded in the black market.

There is every year thousands of money and rescues happening but nothing seems to stop this horrible event.

1.) The China Dog Meat Festival isn’t an old tradition

China Dog Meat Festival
Credited: Nation Multimedia

It is formally known as the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival. It is a 10 days event that does not date hundreds of years and is not a tradition.

In 2009, it began as a marketing plan for dog meat vendors to increase their sales in summer.

2.) Over 10,000 dogs are killed each year

Many of the dogs killed are stolen from their dog parents and are caught to become slaughtered. Dogs are caged and crammed into wire cages.

Because of the lack of food and water, the dogs die before they are slaughtered. They die because of dehydration and starvation.

During the first few years, there was about 10,000 to 15,000 dogs slaughtered.

3.) The dogs are slaughtered and are not euthanized

Credited: Change

Dogs are slaughtered in the most inhumane way. This is because it is believed that Adrenaline in dogs cause the meat to taste better.

Dogs are skinned , beaten by clubs, and boiled so they become killed in the most inhumane way and suffer while they die.

They are also teared up, set on fire, smashed with hammers, and cut with chainsaws.

4.) Hundreds of dogs were rescued before being eaten

Global and local animal groups such as Animals Asia, HSI, and Animal Hope and Wellness have advocated against the China meat dog festival and worked to rescue dog in the dog festival and China dog meat.

5.) Cats are also eaten at the festival

Many cats are also eaten in the China dog meat festival. These cats suffer a lot. Cats are also slaughtered in the most inhumane way.

Cat meat is also served in restaurants in other times of the year.

6.) The festival is not officially recognized by the government

Credited: Animal people forum

The China dog meat festival is not recognized by the government.The government does not interfere or hold the festival.

The festival is held by the public and there is nothing that government can do to interfere in it.

There are no laws against or for the buying of dog meat in China. It is left for the people to choose what they will do.

7.) Many people are buying dogs to save them from their death

There are many people who hate the China dog meat festival. Eating dog meat is really cruel and inhumane. That many people work on saving dogs.

There was an American person named Marc who rescued about 1,000 dogs from slaughterhouses.

There was also chinese people who rescued dogs. One chinese school teacher paid about 1,400 dollars to buy 100 dogs whom where going to die.

Another chinese woman brought about 360 dogs because she couldn’t watch them die.

8.) Organizers and police keep foreign activists out

Police and organizers keep foreign activists out from entering the China dog meat festival.

9.) The city has over 100 dog slaughter houses

There are many dog slaughterhouses in which they slaughter more than 2000 dogs every day.

10.) The Chinese believe eating dog meat brings good health and luck

They believe that eating meat brings good health and luck. Some believe that eating dogs reduces health problems and scares away ghosts.

11.) There are concerns about public health being affected negatively

Animal rights activists believe that the event poses public health risk because the dogs may have diseases.

Also they come from the streets around the country where many are stolen from their dog parents.

The government works on ensuring the food safety of the dog meat.

12.) Prices of dog meat dishes are high

Some believe that the high cost of dog meat at the fesitval reflects the low supply in restaurants.

Another argument is that the high exposure of the event let for people to raise the price of dog meat.

13.) There is an old Chinese joke

Credited: NPR

The joke is translated from chinese into a meaning that means ‘Anything with two legs is edible except your parents. So is anything with four legs, except the bed.’

They can’t see past it and see it as a joke. Many of the Chinese people see it as a laughing matter while animal rights activists are against it.

14.) In 2016, 50,000 dogs were beaten to death

Anyone who had a dog , their dog was captured and beaten to death. Dogs were beaten and killed in front of their dog parents.

15.) Dogs are transported in crammed cages where they can’t move freely

Dogs are gathered from all over China and crammed into cages to be transported to the city of Yulin in China.

Dogs are crammed together with no access to water or food leading them to starvation and dehydration. Due to these conditions, some of them die .

Unfortunately, it is a much less cruel circumstance than being slaughtered inhumanely and suffer badly.

16.) The government tried to keep accusations away from it

The Yulin government tried to brush away their responsibility for the dog meat festival. Even though they technically aren’t the ones who initiated the festival, they are responsible to put an end for it.

17.) The slaughterhouses are very dirty

According to the founder of Animal Hope and Wellness, Marc Ching, the slaughterhouses he visited were so dirty with blood and guts being spilled everywhere.

18.) This isn’t the only dog festival in China

In 2011, there was a festival called Jinhua Hutou Dog Festival in which hundreds of dogs where slaughtered within days.

The good news is that it was banned and doesn’t exist anymore.

Things to do to try to stop this event

  • Help to collect signatures on Change.org.
  • Join protests happening in China or in your country against the dog festival.
  • You can also boycott chinese fur products..
  • Also, you can join animal rights organizations that are against this event.
  • Even though this practice does save some dogs lives, it continues the dog festival because dog meat traders are more likely to replace the dogs with other dogs. This practice is buying the dogs that are going to become slaughtered to save them from their painful death.


In conclusion, the China dog meat festival is a very inhumane and cruel event where thousands of dogs are slaughtered each year. The festival isn’t limited to dogs but also cats are killed.

To know more information about dog festival, check Dog Festival: The Cruelty Happening Each Year.

Share your opinion with us. Are you against the dog meat festival or aren’t you against it? Tell us what do you think?



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