Bullfighting During the Coronavirus Crisis, Could it End This Time for Sure?

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Bullfighting is one of the most horrendous sports ever. In a bullfight, the bull is surrounded by a watching crowd and men with spears, daggers, or swords attacking the bull who then attack the bull in the cruelest way possible.

Around 35,000 bulls are tortured and killed in Spain , each year, because of this cruel sport.

First, the bull enters the arena and gets attacked by picadors, men on horses, with lances into the bull’s neck and back muscles.

Then, the picadors twist the lance into the bull’s flesh to ensure blood loss. The poor bull is left with their inability to lift their head and to defend themselves.

The banderilleros, a bullfighter who uses banderillas which are sticks with a harpoon in its end, enters the arena and tries to distract the bull by leading him into different directions.

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He then attacks the bull with the banderillas into his back. The banderilleros continues to lead the bull in circles until they become so dizzy and tired that they will stop chasing him around.

Finally, the matador appears who then attacks the bull in his heart killing him. If he misses in his attack, he exchanges his sword for a dagger and proceeds to cut the bull’s spinal cord.

The bull is then dragged out of the arena with chains around his horns. If the crowd is happy with the matador, the matador continues to cut parts of the bull’s body which are his tail and ears. These parts are then presented as trophies.

After only a few minutes, another bull enters the arena and the same horrible and outrageous fight happens to him.

But because of the coronavirus pandemic, things have been different for bullfighting.

So, how is the bullfighting affected by the coronavirus?

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