Best Way To Trim Dog Nails

best way to trim dog nails

Best way to trim dog nails, Dog owners often ask for the way to cut the nails of their mate either because their dog starts to make noise while walking on the tiles or on the floor; either because his phalanges are deformed because of the excessive length of his nails.

Attention, it is not mandatory to cut the nails of your dog especially if they are short.

best way to trim dog nails

Best way to trim dog nails

  • First: We check if the length of the nails is correct or if it is necessary to cut him. For this, we put the paw of the dog on a flat surface. If the nails arise correctly without leaving on the left or the right. It’s because the size of the nails is good. Otherwise, you have to cut.
  • Second: Remember to check that the leg is clean. If this is not the case, clean with a damp cloth and remove twigs and other …
  • Third: Identify the living part of the nail. On clear nails, it’s quite simple because there is a change of color. By cons on the black nails, it is impossible. So do not cut too short. A few millimeters is enough. The important thing is that the nail is correctly placed on the ground.
  • Fourth: Also think of the nails that are also a gene for the dog. They are found above the front and rear legs depending on the breed.
  • Fifth: Prepare hydrogen peroxide with cotton in case you cut too high. It does not matter just to apply the cotton a few minutes to wait for the stop bleeding.
best way to trim dog nails

Dog Nail Clippers

To cut the nails of a dog with a nail clipper (adapted to the nails of the dog), put him standing on the table, croup on the left, head on the right (for the right-handed ones), and if possible attach him at least the head, so that it remains relatively immobile.

Start with the hind legs. Passing your left arm over the dog’s back, grab the left hind leg, and bring the forceps into your right hand, running your right arm in front of the dog’s chest under his head.

You hold him thus against you and have the possibility to hold him firmly, even to immobilize him, if he begins to move. The right hind leg will be held with the left hand, the left arm passing under the tail, and between the thighs of the dog. The left front leg is also held with the left hand, the left arm passed over the dog’s withers.

Once the paw is well in hand, take each finger separately and cut clearly the end of the nail. Be careful what you leave, not what you take away. If the nail is clear, you will see the matrix (the flesh) by transparency.

best way to trim dog nails

How Far to Cut Dogs Nails

Cut half a millimeter before it to avoid pain and bleeding. In case of dark nails, just make a slight mistake. A nail that seems short, with a square tip, has little or no need to be cut, while a fingernail long, with very sharp taper, will give you a wider margin.

Generally, all the very tapered part consists of horn only and can be safely removed. Do not forget the lugs on the front legs and sometimes on the back. If a nail has grown so much that it is bent into the pad, start by cutting off the end with straight pliers, then adjust to the desired length.

If you cut too short and bleed, immediately apply a few grains of potassium permanganate, which instantly stops the bleeding.

Easy Way to Cut Dogs Nails

Usually, use a guillotine nail cutter for small sizes and a strong nail cutter model for big dogs because neither of them crushes the nail at the time of cutting and so it’s less painful for your dog.

For the right-handed ones (and vice versa for the left-handed ones) take with the thumb and the left forefinger the phalanx where is the nail and cut slowly with the right hand above the upper third of the nail. Do this for all nails.

Attention, if you are too close to the pulp, the simple fact of pressing slightly with the clamp will cause a pinching of the pulp and pain it means that it is necessary to stop cutting at this place and that it is better to you move more at the end of the nail.

Cutting a Dogs Nails – Make your Dog Tolerate a Regular Cut of his Nails?

My advice, from the arrival of your dog at home, practice regularly take the ends of the legs and press the knuckles so that these acts do not scare him. It is also sometimes easier to have a person hold your dog while you are busy cutting his nails. Do not forget to reward your dog after handling, it will be more docile during the next nail cut. Finally, for your older dogs, check every 2 months that the nails do not grow abnormally.

To cut the nails of his dog is necessary when the dog does not have enough activity to use them. It is necessary to cut the nails of his dog for several reasons. First of all the animal is embarrassed in his movements, then it is not aesthetic and finally when you play with him, He nails (girls forget your tights)!

Generally, the vet can cut them. Only if he considers that the nails of the dog are too big and on your request. You can also do it yourself because it’s really not complicated! Unless the dog does not let it go!

best way to trim dog nails

Cutting a Dog’s Nails and your Dog does not like being Touched

Have you noticed that your dog does not like being touched at the ends of his body? I’m talking here about paws and tail. Without preliminary training, I want to tell you that it’s normal! To keep your dog calm when you touch your legs, you simply need the regular.

always remains on the defensive when manipulated!

Trim your Dog’s Nails in case of your Dog does not like you Touch the Paws

To minimize this behavior. I recommend that you bring candy and patience. The purpose of the exercise is to make him understand that getting his feet touched is something nice (with a treat as a reward).

Start by petting on one paw and then reward it. Then on another leg with the same method. Repeat the operation 3 minutes a day to desensitize it.

For the smarter who in spite of that cannot be manipulated. Reward him at the same time as you caressed him! He will be busy chewing the treat so easier to handle.

Do not force too much in the early stages, especially if your dog really does not like it! It must include a form of progression to prevent the animal is completely blocked.

Trimming Tool

No need to try to cut his nails with your fingernail … It will not work! In the same way, do not take cutting pliers of an electrician. For this, there is commercially a nail cutter for dogs that can cut the nails of the dog easily. 

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